iPhone 3.1: Remotely Set a Passcode Lock via MobileMe


Apple's MobileMe News "blog" is touting a new feature: you can now remotely set a passcode lock with Find My iPhone and iPhone 3.1:

With Find My iPhone, you can help protect the information on a missing iPhone by remotely assigning a four-digit passcode lock. This is especially useful if you've never set a passcode before or if you want to set a new one.

This is a nice half-way ground between leaving it wide open, or having to wipe it clean, if you can't find it but aren't sure you've personally lost it.

And, again, it shows MobileMe is all about the incremental update. Very incremental...

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Reader comments

iPhone 3.1: Remotely Set a Passcode Lock via MobileMe


If MobileMe were to include insurance for stolen/lost iphones it would almost immediately be worth the $99 per year, maybe more.

Ive been using this passcode for about a month now. Its been available at least since. 3.0. I have mine set for 15 minutes.

This is pretty sweet, I can already hear the next wave of MobileMe recovery stories coming in saying..."and the thief thought they found a usable iPhone but then BOOM locked out remotely." :)
Anyways, MobileMe just keeps getting better and better. I hope we can see a web app for find my iPhone that would work on an iPhone so if we did lose our phone we wouldnt have to wait till we got to an actual computer that had firefox or safari. Most public computers still use late versions of IE, which me.com doesn't not work on.

@ sil3ntrid3r11: Well put. I can't use mobileme at work unless I load it onto a mobile version of Firefox I keep on a thumb drive.
This update also brings a very important bug fix for find my iphone- the alarm is now always sounded at full volume regardless of the current volume setting. I haven't seen this bug fix mentioned elsewhere. I wasn't happy when I subscribed to mobileme and learned that I had to already have the volume at full in order to benefit from the alarm (aka "hey I'm under the couch stupid") and I'm glad it's finally fixed.

Most public computers still use late versions of IE, which me.com doesn’t not work on.

Nothing works on IE.

Mobile Me is finally becoming worth the money. When it first stared without idisk on the iPhone and without all these find my iPhone features it just wasn't good. Apple is making progress.