New iPhone on October 7, no new iPad until spring, 2012

iMore has learned that Apple's next generation iPhone, be it an iterative "iPhone 4S" or a completely revamped "iPhone 5" could go on sale as early as October 7 in the US. That's a Friday, which is typical for iPhone launches. Originally Apple was considering a second week of October launch, more like October 14, but it sounds like they may be ready to go earlier now.

We're still hearing that an "iPhone 4S"-style device, with improved processors and optics, is more likely than an all new design, but given Apple's propensity for multiple prototypes, the many and varied rumors, it's impossible to tell for sure.

iPad 3, which Apple flirted with releasing this fall as well, has been put back on it's traditional Spring schedule. Whether or not the component costs and yield rates of the rumored 2048x1536 Retina Display simply aren't where Apple needs them to be yet are unknown.

Still, Apple can and will change their plans up to event day, so take all of this with a Cupertino-sized grain of salt. (And feel free to attribute any combination of "people" "sources" "familiar with" "knowledge of" and "little birdies" makes you happy.)

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

New iPhone on October 7, no new iPad until spring, 2012


That is on my birthday! My iPhone 4 just got two scratches on the screen so I need a shiny new one for my bday!

Is there a reason why iPhones and iPads don't try and go for 1920x1080 resolution, making them the same as HDTVs? Wouldn't this allow the watching of movies without the need to zoom? 16:9 ratio is so commonplace it seems strange to me that iPhones and iPads don't follow suit. Is there a reason for this?

And the day before my birthday too! Happy birthday! I'll definitely get one, but it's not for me; my wife's original droid is getting long in the tooth. She's decided her next phone will be an iPhone. (Yay!)

so we're now at the point where we have rumors published, without a source, with a firm date as a headline. WTF?

I'm just going to wait for the iPhone 6 coming out nextweek. My Sources said. Hahaha. Blah blah. Just wait until the information come out from the Horse's mouth not the ass.

I'll just wait until iphone 6 comes out next week, my sources says. Hahaha
Blah Blah Blah, just wait until the information comes out from the Horse mouth not the ass...

Apple will release the iPad 3 one year after the iPad 2?
After having released the iPad 2 one year after the original iPad?
Is Scotland Yard hiring?

...source is.... a informed source.
When does the bullshit stop? I mean really. Day after day.... more nonsense. Blogs like these really want people to go back to real life and do something useful before dying instead of clicking refresh every 30 minutes.
They might be onto something....

Which it was. the 'eh' update in the whole iphone line so far was the 3G. I skipped that one as did many others I know. At least the 3GS had a faster CPU, higher res camera and video recording capabilities. All the 3G had was battery-draining 3G data (which I still don't use, even on my iPhone 4).

This has always been my contention with these '4S' rumors. If the new iPhone is simply a spec bump, why break product cycles to release it. I'm really starting to think Apple will have two new devices this fall. One is the '4S' and the other is the '5'.

Why not just a 5? Why have a "4S" and a 5? You have to remember the Japan quake in March. That caused delays due to the factories being down. That along with the fact that the iPhone 5 may be "the biggest change/leap forward since the original iPhone"

I'm just gonna stick with my iPhone 4 if this is true. Iphone "4s", won't be a major upgrade from the iPhone 4. iPhone 4 is still very good. I'll upgrade next year. After the "4s" supposably.

Who cares whether apple release a new handset each year, less than a year, every week, releasing 1, 2 or 20 handsets at one time.
NOKIA, SAMSUNG and all the other companies release hundreds of different models each year. All with crazy names, confusing model numbers and sod all differences.
Apple trump them all, with one model of handset each year. We know it's going to be good, we know it's going to sell, we know people will argue whether android phones are better or whether android is going to be bigger than iOS, and I always say -
"Android is on hundreds of models of phone. iOS is on 4. Look at the market share - Doesn't that tell you something?"
We know it will be good, we know it is coming. We also know that the iPhone 9 is coming.... some day.
Just keep your panties on and wait for the keynote. Rumours do f-all.

Does anyone else notice that every one of these cell phone blogs link each other as "sources" for when the next iPhone release date, specs, upgrades, etc. I was sent here from 9to5mac via macrumors via AppleInsider via CultofMac via phonearena via endgadget via bgr via mobiledia via (you get the picture)...Am I the only one who sees this as a "gap" in journalism?

Journalism goes out the door, when your dealing with rumors. I was taught to have at least three sources for a news story, some blogs don't do that. I guess it would be pretty easy to set a date based on, the current popular rumor.

Moments ago, it seams, the VERY anticipated Mac OS 7 (pre-cat Apple) would soon be out! A version that would change it all (or leave it all behind, application-wise). And so it goes, on and on.

I've heard about the rumored release of the next generation iPhone being on oct 7 for some time now but now that I know just how many scorches say that I'm a lot more in belief of that rumor.

A reliable source that goes by the alias "Bill Gates" told me the iPhone ∞ is coming out soon guys!

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