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The Apple patents keep on rolling out and today the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office accepted Apple’s filing for a patent that would allow for contact icons to be placed on the home screen, along with the ability to invoke apps, retrieve and display contacts information, or dynamically display related information all tied to an individual contact.


blockquote>"The icon can also be used to invoke one or more applications that are personalized to the contact. The icon can be modified to display information related to the contact. In one aspect, an icon associated with an entity can be temporarily displayed on the mobile device based on the proximity of the mobile device to the entity."

This is pure speculation on our part but it's possible you will see this patent come to life in the upcoming iPhone OS 4.0. Hopefully when January 27th comes we all will see what is in store for the future of the iPhone OS.

Now please excuse me while I go add a few more contacts on the home screen of my Moto Droid, since it's been doing that for a while. ;)

One more screen shot after the break!



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Apple Exploring Contacts on the Home Screen - Apple Patent Watch


This is just one more "new" thing the iPhone will MAYBE be able to do that other phones ALREADY CAN DO. Yawn....

If nothing good comes of iPhone 4.0 on Jan 27th, I will happily sell my iPhone on eBay...Join Verizon and Pick up the Moto Droid. That is all.:-)

Yawn. I can already do this on my jailbroken 3GS. Not a big fan of cluttering my springboard with contacts. Hopefully apple is cooking something bigger than this for iPhone 4.

I have this with the facecall app on the 3gs now without jailbreaking my phone allows one touch call to that contact

Good call about the "Rocket Java" icon. I didn't notice that. It looks like they may have a dynamic stocks icon too. It shows the AAPL stock right on the icon. It's also weird that they show I-90 on the Maps app. What are the 2 button looking things on the right side of the phone in the first picture?

I really hope they bring catagories to the iphone.. and themes, and backgrounder.. cause I can't take another year of this.. its been 3 years looking at the same screen already(well, when I'm not JB.. and I'd prefer to not to be) So this better not be something they are excited about.. I don't need more app icons clogging up my screen.. I need something new Apple.. please.

Umm, yeah, there's already a jailbreak app for this. And being the first to apply for a patent for something won't stick if somebody can prove they did it first...

Then everyone will be wanting a folder to organize their contact icons in... Uhhh... which we already have. :roll:

If they wanna make something simple that people will like, make it so the weather app shows the correct weather like how the calander app shows the date. Real simple and I'll never need to open the app again.

Big circle in the front could be the camera. Seems like volume button is rearraged and Sensors are 1 up and one down instead of three in the up. Did we just get us a 4g

Yup, as reported elsewhere, other Android phones are already doing this, as well as jailbreak apps.
In addition, Kodak is suing Apple and Rim for photo technology patent violations similar to those they have prevailed against LG.
Add these to the Nokia patent claims and you have to wonder it years of thumbing their nose at other people's patents is going to come home to roost like buzzards on carrion.
We really need a revamp of patent law that carries criminal penalties for applying for patents for something that already being done by others, and demotion penalties for patent examiners who approve such.

You know one thing I will never understand is when most ppl including you JS. Bring up something like well my phone has been doing this for awhile now. Yes it is true alot of phones have been doing alot of stuff before the iPhone. We are all aware of this. But having this stuff on the iPhone is all the more better. IMO My gf's brother had a droid for a week! Great phone. Lol

Just like Apple, innovating that which has already been done then tricking people into thinking it's not only new, but relevant or even ground breaking.
Yawn. We need something much cooler than this.

Theres an article on engadget suggesting the patent wont go through because the features been available on other devices (such as android) for a while now.