iPhones and iPads produce beautiful music for AT&T event [video]

A group has put together a band using only iPhones and iPads and recently AT&T hired them to perform at its 2011 Business Solutions event. The band known as North Point iBand performed Bon Jovi’s Livin' on a Prayer as well as the Black Eyed Peas’ I Gotta Feelin.

The band use a series of apps, all available in the App Store to create the music with their iPhones and iPads some of which are:-

Take a look at the videos after the break, although not perfect renditions of the original versions, they are still very impressive. The way iOS devices are being used in weird and wonderful situations is something that surprises us every day. I am off to buy Guitarist, anyone want to grab the other apps and set up the TiPb band?

[Cult of Mac]

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iPhones and iPads produce beautiful music for AT&T event [video]


Exactly. They were using cell phones to play music. It was awful.
Interesting for the novelty of it? Absolutely. But 'good'? Not even close.
It sounded like a distorted midi track with T-Pain singing over it. And the visual of a bunch of people taking it way too seriously was cringe worthy. Sorry if that's harsh... just my opinion.

Chris.. considering they were using cell phones to make music.. it was amazing.. u are comparing it to actual musical instruments.. stop being a hater.. GAD!

I would like to know what vocal app that they were using. Even though I dont think it would make my Bob Dylan/Tom Waits/Bruce Springsteen out of tune voice sound any better LOL

Sounded like some kind of auto-tune app. Honestly that was the least impressive part of the performance.

Thats what I figured, but I was curious to what app it actually was. I agree it wasnt the most impressive part, but I use all those other apps in my home studio and sometimes live.

I'm with Jon, although it's cool to see a band playing music with only iOS devices... I couldn't get through either song.

I attend NorthPoint and both vocalist (Ryan Stuart and Chrystina Fincher) are excellent singers. The use of the T-Pain app (or whatever it was to modulate their voices) was intentional to have everything (both instruments and vocals) go through an app.

The vocals were distracting, however I thought the music itself was pretty good! Surprising!

Yuck! I'm really tired of the distorted pitch-corrected vocal sound. Can we just agree to not tolerate this any more?

If you want to see this done really well, check YouTube for a lot of well-done music on the iPhone and iPad. This group is just Meh.

Yes, it's a gimmick. That's the entire point. Also, I can't help but wonder if Livin' on a Prayer was selected because it's in Rock Band 2 (and I think Guitar Hero World Tour as well), so it's kind of like iOS karaoke band hero or something.

This is disastrous! I’ve got a bad feeling it’s paving the way for another reality show...The Next American iBand.

Wow that was terrible I got chills all over when the first note was played. People shOuld stick to real instruments and not phones to create music

I personally have to commend these guys for using technology to make music. Music is more than what you see and hear from your typical everyday instruments... music is all around you, everywhere you go (take it from one who actually has a degree in music), and can be made using anything. Though, it may not be your thing (due to personal preference), that's okay, but I love seeing people use anything they can get their hands on to make music. We need more of the arts (of every kind) out there.

I have a question. We just got iPads at our elementary school, and are training the kids on a similar production of Christmas carols for our concert. How do we amplify the sound coming out of the iPads? Do these ibands use a mixing board, individual speakers, or is there something wireless?