iPhoto comes to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to complete iLife suite for iOS

iPhoto for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch

Brand new today is the introduction of iPhoto, which will be coming to iPad along with updates to iMovie and GarageBand to complete the rest of the iLife suite for iOS. It will come with many new features including new gestures, effects, multi-touch editing and the ability to send images wirelessly between devices.

Randy Ubillos, chief architect of photo and video applications, announced the addition of iPhoto for iOS at Apple's iPad event today and has this to say -

"If you're someone, like many of us are, who truly love the photos they take with family and friends​ and want to do even more with their photos, that is what iPhoto is for."

Better photo management and editing has been a much desired feature for iOS devices. No word yet on whether or not you'll be able to organize photos into albums or events yet. iPhoto for iOS should should be a large improvement and will come with the following features -

  • Smart browsing
  • Multi-touch editing
  • Professional quality effects
  • Brushes
  • Photo beaming
  • Photo journals

iPhoto for iOS will be available starting today for $4.99.

Allyson Kazmucha

Editor for iMore, Potter pundit, and the ninja in your iOS

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dloveprod says:

I like the collage that it makes.

Mrjr says:

iPhoto App Store link (not active yet, still says "Your request could not be completed"):http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/iphoto/id497786065?ls=1&mt=8&v0=www-its-i...
I keep clicking...

Mrjr says:

Crap. Just realized something: I'm positive that iPhoto will require the 5.1 update. Sucks for jailbreakers like to me.
Bet you money that will be the case.

G323q569 says:

Yeah, you do. I just tried to download it and it said that it required 5.1 :-(

iSRS says:

Downloading now! Thanks for the link!

Kaye says:

Will it have face recognition?

naitsuap says:

So annoying to have them announce a product that is available today and not actually have it available at the time.

jburk says:

So annoying to be given an amazing piece of software that you didn't have to put forth any effort to devlop for under $5...
...quit yer bitching.

naitsuap says:

Hey crack head...if they say it is available it SHOULD be available. Otherwise don't say it is available. Typical Apple.

jburk says:

Actually they said available today. Today isn't over. They didn't say "Available right this very second!". It's hard paying attention isn't it?

iSRS says:

Anyone find it in the store yet? I have 9 App Updates (iBooks, iTunes U, Remote, Keynote, Numbers, Pages, Find my iPhone, iMovie, Find My Friends) - All with *Support for Retina display-capable devices
iWork apps need iOS 5.1 - The others make no mention of it.

flyingember says:

I'm not sure on this. I already have two photo apps that work for my newly ordered ipad. I'll decide on this later.

enature says:

The current title is wrong. The new iPhoto for iOS does NOT work with iPod touch. It only works with iPhone and iPad.

Paul Dunahoo says:

It doesn't work on the iPod touch! That really sucks.

Monkiy315 says:

Im really sad that Iphoto is not compatible for the ipod touch 4g, wonder why? Also, they excluded the ipod touch for trailers in imovie too! Seems they want people to buy expensive Ipads or Iphone 4s. They don't really care about any ipod touch users, they only make the iphone and ipad better, not ipod touch.

YoGPoD says:

Apple doesn't give a flying you-know-what about the iPod touch, and the iPod 5 will not have very good features.
Also, why didn't they give the iPad 2 or the iPad HD Siri?

Edeltraud says:

The IPAD is an Ipod Touch with a bigger lcd secren. Now you might say : omg that guy is ridiculous there must be something new about it. Well no. You see you can jailbreak your Ipod Touch to make it a more advanced device but apple decided that you should not do that with you Ipod because they know that the product might overheat and cause defectivness if you try to pull more power out of it. The same thing is happening with the Ipad right now. There is high restrictions on the apps you can use. It is very limited to apple's app. It will release for 500$ for the version with Wi-fi. Il be honest with you and ill tell you that IPAD should of been released before ipod touch because IPAD is just an oversized IPOD.