iPod nano 6 [gallery]

He may be little, but the 2010 iPod nano 6 still looks like iOS and still acts like iOS so I'm going to show him off like he's iOS -- up against the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4.

I'll be working on the review this weekend, so if you have any questions, leave them in the comments.

Follow along after the break for the gallery!

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iPod nano 6 [gallery]


When listening to an audio podcast on the Nano, can you speed up or slow down the audio like you can on the ipod?

for me, the only interesting and incredibly crazy about this nano its that i want to USE IT AS A WATCH i mean how cool would it be, hah! i wear id pay for an extra belt to fit it in, and carry it like an average watch. make a review about it, if theres no belt for your arm, i swear ill design it!

Fairly easy choice. All you want is music, nano. Music, and everything else, iPod Touch. Music, everything else, and a phone, iPhone.

How well does that clip hold? Will it hold the iPod clipped to your shirt while running?

It holds surprisingly well
The iPod plays music videos also so I'm guessing soon u will be able to play movies
I have an iPhone 3GS and an iPod nano 6 and the lunatic watch band is a must buy

i just bought a nano. and i'm NOT happy with it!
it's to small for a display, you don't have all features of the nano 5 generation and you can't watch videos or podcasts!!
for just music and a radio with live pause (which feature isn't new or someting like this..) is not worth 200 euros! and the 24h of music playback is the BIOGGEST lie apple ever made!!!
in the small case, all cables are rolled, so every cable is curlier than my hair!! just not the quality of apple.. shame you apple.
@Glenn: Music, everything else, and a phone => HTC with ANDROID

Ok, so massive dilemma.
I had an ipod nano 4th gen i think, and i had it stolen overseas and i just got back and am in desperate need of a new one (hello insurance monies!)
I am not sure whether to get another nano or a touch.
I have a few thousand songs to put on it but i wouldnt mind using the apple apps as i do not have an iphone.
Is there a set amount of memory on the touch that is allocated to music or is it just one block of memory to do what you like with?

hey..they are scam. stay away from topincart or novo trade or apple2007. i've paid a month ago but still didnt get my phone. i was dealing with their customer service Tomer. they were being very nice at first. but once they get my money, my email was ignored. they dont even entertain my question anymore. they also deleted my negative comment on their website. when i ask for my tracking number, they give so many excuses. and now, they want me to pay extra for shipping... HUH

Just bought one of these.
It's a great little thing for sport, but doesn't have any apps. However, it includes a Nike+ stepometer, which is great for workout. It is an amazing gadget, but needs a more apps, video and could be a bit bigger. Otherwise, the best about it is it's cuteness.

If the next generation they fix the home button issue and make more effective cases for it, I'm all over that. My 3rd generation nano is essentially for walking around campus, jogging, and chilling in my iHome. My phone is what I use for apps and such

For me, the 6th Generation Nano couldn't have been any better! Just bought it and it's awesome!!
I know the video playback option unavailability is a problem for some people, but I don't watch videos on my iPod anyhow so it's not a big deal for me.. And the camera in the fifth gen is vga, it's much, much crappier than the one in my phone..
Of course, the Touch 4G is much better. It has 2 really, really great cameras and cool apps.. but you'll be like, moving with an iPhone 4 and iPod the size of it.. it's really annoying to carry something that big that doesn't have a clip.
Speaking of the iPod classic (I know it's not in this comparison but..), in my opinion, it's the worst iPod ever made! Really really big, like.. Huge! No touch screen.. I don't see why someone should buy the iPod classic while they can buy the iPod touch (which is cheaper)

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