iPod touch 2010: Everything you need to know in 10 minutes [video]

iPod touch 4 (2010) is thinner and more powerful, with Retina Display, FaceTime, HD video, and Game Center. If you've heard about it but haven't tried it, if you're thinking about iPod touch vs. iPhone 4 vs. iPad, if you just want to know how this year's model is different than the last, then this is the video for you.

It also comes stock with a new set of software, and if you're eager for more on that, check out our iOS 4.1 walkthrough and 10 minute video guide as well.

Rene Ritchie

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@webmindset - Chris Moline says:

I was on the edge and am off to grab one now. If it only had FaceTime, I'd be in. Cool video!

Bobert says:

Actually, it does have facetime.

buzzcheck says:

@ Chris - It does have facetime.

brownat89 says:

I think he meant that if FaceTime were the only new feature, he'd have gotten one...

Joyce McDaniel says:

I love the new iPod Touch and would love to own one.

Glenn#IM says:

Face Time looks nice. I noticed small scratches on the back. The metal backs were good at getting scratches. It is hard to see on the video the real difference in display. If I was not saving back for the iPad 2 I would get this.

SockRolid says:

@ Glenn - I think Apple just migh use Liquidmetal on future models of the iPod touch and other Apple products because of its high strength-to-weight ratio and resistance to scratching. And Liquidmetal has granted Apple "perpetual, exclusive license to use its technology in consumer electronics" (quoted from Wikipedia.) So other companies that had used it before, like Nokia in their Vertu high-end cell phones, will need to use other materials.

Matt Hall says:

The costs to produce the liquid metal for the iPhone 4's small bands were astronomical, according to Foxconn. I am not saying they won't do it but to make a whole back for a phone would be even more cost and time prohibitive. Read the foxconn interview at macrumors.