iPod touch 2010 [gallery]

iPod touch 4 gallery

Just got my hands on an iPod touch 4 here at TiPb actual, and immediately I pulled out the iPhone 4 and iPad for a little versus action.

If form will be a factor in your deciding which iOS device is right for you, or if you just love your gadget porn, check out the full gallery, after the break!

[gallery link="file" columns="2"]

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iPod touch 2010 [gallery]


I'm going to get one for my husband for his birthday. iPods are the gateway drug to the iPhone. My plan is in motion to get him hooked on the iPod, then snap the trap and help him switch to iPhone. Mwaaa! (evil laugh)

Regent street is more my cup of tea, the covent garden launch was great fun but the store is a bit dis-jointed and seems different from the big open spaced stores I'm used to.. However something has to be said for the 3 floor approach!

Thinking about getting one for the kids, but I need an Otterbox Defender class case for it. Must wait.

I may have a Droid, but I plan on getting an iPod touch 4 soon. I'd get an iPhone, but I'm on a family plan with Verizon...

About the price: I found it for 223$ (bit.ly/bhGETG) will it go lower sometime in the near future ? 223$ is still a bit high, should I buy the 3g for just 176$ ? there is no much difference anyway between the two iPods.

@Tom; yes there is a large gap between the features. Th fourth gen adds way more features than the second to third leap did, you should go for the $223. Its more worth it.

I own a iPod touch, got bored with it really fast. Then I got the iPad for fathers day. Love it to death. But I would be pissed off with it , if it was my everyday phone. There are too many limitations with with apple.
I like the pad so much because of the screen size , and the ebook reader. But the fact that it doest have multi task, flash, and I can't manipulate folders ie. Can't create photo albums from the device, really bothers me.
My phone of choice is the droid incredible, the one thing the iPhone has over it is the quality of apps. Other then that, droid wins hands down like 6:30.
I also think that any future android tablets will lose to the iPad. Can't see anything messing with the battery

I just couldn't leave your website prior to suggesting that I extremely enjoyed the standard info an individual supply on your guests? Is going to be back frequently in order to check up on new posts