Yet more iPod touch 4, iPod nano 6 case and screen protector leaks

iPod touch 4 and iPod nano 6 screen protectors

I love the smell of a iPod touch 4 and iPod nano 6 accessory leaks in the morning. Once again we've got cases from China, this time with a side of screen protectors for good measure.

How informed are the device mockups? We'll find out for certain at Apple's special music event this Wednesday but until then, give us your best guest -- real, fake, or really fake?


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Yet more iPod touch 4, iPod nano 6 case and screen protector leaks


I'm hoping the new iPod Touch doesn't have Retina Display just to further differentiate it from the iPhone 4 but I know that's a long shot.

I really don't think the nano is gonna look like that. They would have to take the camera off from the last gen if it was real. I still say, if anything, that's a new shuffle.

I say thats gotta be the new shuffle too!
The overall design of it, just looks more like it would be a shuffle and not a nano.
idk, we will see.

That nano is super ugly but it matches up the that tiny touchscreen that was leaked a long time ago.

It's the iPod nano and iPod shuffle merged to create the new iPod nano. It will not have a web browser or camera and is going to be a bit cheaper. It is the iPod rethought.

September Event 1. Statics about how amazing Apple is and how much we are selling. 2. Funeral (Discontuation) of iPod Shuffle and Classic. 3. Introduction of new iPod Nano. 4. Demo of 4.1 on iPhone, iPod Tocuh. 5. Demo of 4.1 on iPad for Developers. One More Thing 6. Introduction of iPod Touch

Dexter... what? The ONLY differentiation the iPod Touch should have from iPhone is the lack of a monthly data plan. That's the only reason the device even exists - to let people use iOS4 without paying AT&T for data. Crippling a device just to provide some artificial sense of "differentiation" would be the stupidest thing in the world.

the wallpaper on the nano doesn't look like something apple would put on it. also, how would it have safari? and there's no captions on the icons, apple would put them on

safari and videos (among the other aforementioned things) make this mockup lose all credibility. I'm getting a really fake vibe.

I see it as somewhat of a reenvisioning of the mini iPods. The device could run a simplified iOS and have wifi connectivity, be capable of Twitter and Facebook feeds, etc, as wells being able to store photos, operate as a wrist/alarm clock, and more. We'll see shortly, and while we can debate the merits of the small screen, everyone knows if that touch screen is well utilized, it will sell millions.

....Or it could be a brand new product. The iPod nano and and iPod shuffle combined to bring back a rehashed version of an older iPod. "...We are extremely proud to introduce..... the new iPod mini.

Awww, how cute!iPod touch 4=iPad mini
pls upgrade for ipod classic!I have been waiting…and I found a Free iPod Video Converter for Aneesoft.hope for ipod touch 4g……lol

i hope sooooo much that the ipod touch has the retina screen and facetime! i want those features soooooo badly....but i cant get an iphone....the gyroscope wud be nice