iPod touch Gaming Takes Over the Web

To prove that the iPod touch is the funnest iPod ever, and a gaming force to be reckoned with, Apple's advertising department has been using it to take over websites like IGN and ESPN, and TUAW (twice now!) has screen captured it all for posterity.

We're not sure everyone will appreciate the disjointed attack on their senses such website take-overs produce, but it is a sign Apple is taking gaming seriously, and the internet seriously. (And IGN and ESPN are taking Apple's cash and handing over the website banners, seriously!)

Second video after the break!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

iPod touch Gaming Takes Over the Web


I go to IGN and ESPN quite a bit and these ads are pretty annoying if you just want to look at something quick and the website gets taken over with these that you must manually stop.

this is to head off the launch of the PSP GO.
I guess Apple sees the Go as a threat to their portable gaming market share.

The PSP Go is no threat to the iPod Touch. The Go will be a monumental failure. Someone has to pay for free websites.

Did I miss something why Are they advertising that we can play games with each live like the soccer one. They said blue tooth sync in 3.0 and we still don't hve it. It's not the funnest because yu havnt allowed it yet assholes.

I agree with sting, I hate obtrusive advertising like this, especially when it's on a site I go too multiple times a day.