Iron Man 3 trailer premieres on

Iron Man 3 trailer premieres on

Apple's trailer site has posted the first teaser for Iron Man 3, the third part of the Iron Man movie trilogy and the continuation of the old shell head's story from this summer's blockbuster, the Avengers.

You can see the Mandarin, ring clad and bringing the pain, the Iron Patriot debuting on screen, and some glimpses of Warren Ellis' Extremis storyline continuing Tony Stark's evolution as both man and machine.

Iron Man 3 hits theaters May 3, 2013.


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Reader comments

Iron Man 3 trailer premieres on


What a great way to start my day. Beginning with an great ironman trailer and then new apple announcement by lunch time.

And for those who watched the trailer was that the mandarin with the makulan rings???

"Proof that Tony Stark has a heart." ~Pepper, Iron Man

The franchise needs grounding. This is series. This is the time.

Looks like it. I don't know how much input Marvel gets on these flicks but follows Marvel's love of destroying all you have gotten accustomed to in there Universe and building from scratch. I wonder if there is a particular comic book story arc this movie is following?

I came, I saw that it required QuickTime, I got the heck out of there.

The 90's called and wanted their web tech back.