iTunes 8.0 Leaked? And Kevin Rose Tweaked?

Kevin Rose, bound by vengeance to clear his name of false rumors past, has been laying the veritable smack down on Apple's "Let's Rock" Event. It's like he's got Phil Schiller on the Bat-iPhone or something.

The latest? The above mock up of what iTunes 8.0's interface will look like, along with a roundup of rumors thus far. Maybe he'll digg his way out of this yet! (Har!)

Meanwhile, Apple Insider is reporting that some users might have sneaked a copy of an early, pre-release iTunes 8.0 download. Nothing much there to substantiate it yet, but we all remember people getting iPhone 2.0 early last time, so who knows?

(Us, come tomorrow's Live Meta-Blog -- see you there!)

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Rene Ritchie

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iTunes 8.0 Leaked? And Kevin Rose Tweaked?

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