iTunes in the Cloud Movies hits Austria, Estonia, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Switzerland

Just over a year since the first international launch, Apple has now made iTunes in the Cloud Movies available in Austria, Estonia, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Switzerland.

The service, which lets you re-download your iTunes purchased movies on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Apple TV, is something many of us take for granted. While there's a couple of big markets included in the new list, there remains some notable gaps in the European coverage of the service, most notably Germany and Spain. Germany in particular is a large market for Apple and surely one they're working on including in the not too distant future.

Have you been using iTunes in the Cloud, if so, what do you think of the service? If you're still waiting for movies, let us know where you're located!

Via: iFun, MacRumors

Richard Devine

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