iWork for iCloud access being limited due to 'overwhelming response'

Just a few days after Apple opened the floodgates and allowed all customers with an Apple ID to try out the new iWork for iCloud beta, the gates are being closed again it seems. Multiple reports have been seen that some are seeing an apology message when trying to log in. The message, courtesy of 9to5Mac:


We've had an overwhelming response to Numbers for iCloud beta. Please check back soon.

In the meantime, you can continue to store your spreadsheets in iCloud

What "overwhelming response" constitutes is unclear, yet it still seems mildly surprising that we're seeing such messages within the first few days of open access. The service is still in beta we should remember, so it is perhaps possible that Apple underestimated the number of people keen to try it out.

We're not seeing the message ourselves when we try to log in, but if you are give us a shout out in the comments below. And, if you've managed to take a look at iWork for iCloud yet, tell us how you're finding it.

Source: 9to5Mac

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Reader comments

iWork for iCloud access being limited due to 'overwhelming response'


I tried the beta briefly a few weeks ago. The biggest issue was imported docs that had a lot of formatting looked very wrong. Margins, lines, graphics all ended up out of line. And on something like a resume, it completely messed up the formatting. If they can solve that then they may have something but as of now the formatting issue was problematic. I think users need to able to go from Microsoft Word to the iWork without issue as you have to know if edit in iWork and send the doc to someone it's going to look correct no matter what they open it with. Other than that it seemed an ok start.

I also encountered an issue where iWork refused to open and gave option to report to apple, this I did. I agree that it's still a beta, but the newer iCloud is just amazing.