Judge to install external antitrust monitor at Apple

Judge to install external antitrust monitor at Apple

The judge overseeing the possible remedies in the ebook price fixing case has indicated that she will place a third-party antitrust monitor at Apple. Though her final ruling is expected to be narrower than what the Justice Department desires, Judge Denise Cote said a third-party supervisor will be installed to prevent further violation of antitrust laws. Judge Cote believes that Apple has failed to demonstrate proper remorse for its behavior, according to Reuters:

She said a monitor would be necessary, after Apple had failed to show it learned its lesson from its "blatant" violations of antitrust law.

The DOJ had also wanted Apple's policy of preventing apps from linking directly to external stores revoked, at least in regards to ebooks. But Judge Cote has said that she wants to infringe on how Apple does business as little as possible. A ruling on a injunction is expected next week.

Judge Cote has set a May 2014 date for the damages trial, in which Apple faces a possible penalty hundreds of millions of dollars. Does an external monitor seem fair to you?

Source: Reuters

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Reader comments

Judge to install external antitrust monitor at Apple


Does an external monitor seem fair to you?

No, they should just appoint the biased imore writers like you and Rene LOL.

Ofcourse an outsider has to be appointed. It would be laughable to appoint Anti-trust monitor from inside the company who violated Anti-trust laws.

As long as it is someone from Amazon. After all it's Amazon that should be the only ones allowed to sell ebooks. Everyone knows that.

I didn't knew that B&N, Kobo, Sony, O'Reilly, Apress, Baen or other retailers has been punished. Can you point to that?