Just "Me"?! $50 STILL Says Our Readers Can Do Better!

Dot .Mac to Become Me -- Me.Com?!

Yesterday came word that the name Apple might be using to rebrand .Mac was "Mobile Me", and amid the pitchforks, torches, and angry villagers storming the internet pipes to Cupertino, we figured our readers could easily come up with a better name, and sweetened the pot with $50 worth of gift card incentive to prove it.

Daring Fireball's John Gruber had previously mentioned that iMobile might be an alternative, though his readers felt it could too easily be mistaken for immobile, probably not the poetry Steve Jobs is shooting for.

Now Gruber, and his handy crowd-source at Twitter bring word that just plain old "Me", surfaced as me.com, could be a candidate as well, and had mysteriously changed ownership just today.

Make of that what you will (and I will continue to make fun, for the same reasons mentioned in the first post). And don't forget to enter our contest. Pick a better name than "Mobile Me", and if the blog staff likes your name best, the $50 gift certificate is yours! [We'll compile the guesses from this and from our previous post. The Gift Card is for the Phone different Accessory store. Deadline: 4EST on Monday June 2nd].

[From Dieter: I dislike this whole "me" thing for several reasons. First, it smacks of a 1990's, by-committee branding that sounds hip and clever but is actually staid and out-of-touch. Very Un-Apple. Second: If Apple somehow manages to make this brand hip and the "Me" does make people feel like they have ownership and identity with the brand ("Me.com really is about ME. Gosh, it's like it's my very own internet service,") then they'll be faced with an impossible task: not screwing that up. Think about how unhappy you are with .Mac's reliability and speed. Now imagine if that service weren't called ".Mac" but instead "Me." People will become disenamoured very quickly. Now we can obviously assume that this whole Me.com thing will have better reliability -- but if Apple really is looking for a straight-out, bald-faced "this is Me on the internet" branding, then even the tiniest failure in the system is going to make people super pissed -- it would go from "Aw crap, .Mac sucks again" to "Me.com is down again. Apple broke ME". Not good.

Thirdly: Windows ME. 'nuff said.]

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Reader comments

Just "Me"?! $50 STILL Says Our Readers Can Do Better!


I am guessing that the suggestions from the previous entry should be directed here now, so...
I previously suggested iMobile without knowing that it was already suggested by someone on another blog, so I am pulling that suggestion from the table and replacing it with:
Apple is going for the wholly integrated digital life approach, so the name should be something that reflects that. They want to present the ease of use of their .Mac services, such as blogging, posting websites, sharing media, mail, and address book/calendar sync.
iWorld, your world at your fingertips, wherever you go.
I don't know if we are supposed to make multiple suggestions, but my other suggestion would be:
It would carry the same concept as iWorld, but be a bit more direct in what it does.