Apple's New Macbooks Declaring War On Jailbreakers?

What a bizarre turn of events we have here... It seems that everyone who has a new Macbook, Macbook Pr, or Macbook Air and wants to jailbreak there iPhone is in for a surprise. You will be unable to do so. New Macbook owners will notice an iPhone or iPod Touch will not be detected when it is booted into DFU mode, which we all know is key for jailbreaking.

At first I thought that Apple had to make some sort of hardware change within their new Macbooks. Then Dieter politely gave me the version of iTunes running on his new Macbook, 8.0.1 (12). Now the version that everyone else has on their older Macs is version 8.0.1 (11). Very interesting. If it's a simple software change that would only slow down the Dev Team for a few days until a new work-around is found.

Now keep in mind this is not the first attempt by Apple to slow down jailbreaking. A few months back they attempted a counter strike when firmware 2.1 dropped, only to have the Dev Team find a solutions merely days later.

On a side note, I've seen a lot of people having issues with jailbreaking lately, please keep in mind if you do not have a new Macbook, you still can jailbreak. There was a rumor going around on the forums with members concerned they can not jailbreak. This is simply not true.

(Thanks to Landon for the tip!)

[Note: Anyone not using a new Macbook, but looking for help Jailbreaking, check out Jeremy's awesome guides for Mac, Windows, and iPhone 2G, and if you need extra help, drop by our Jailbreak Forum! - Rene]

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Reader comments

Apple's New Macbooks Declaring War On Jailbreakers?


This sucks. I was planning on jailbreaking my iPhone 3G soon so I could get push notifications for apps and background apps. I was going to get a MacBook Pro too but I guess I'll just wait for the MacBook Pro until the devteam comes out with a work around this minor problem.

Won't this affect genuine iPhone software being recovered in cases of major problems/crashes?
I've certainly restored my iPhone a few times.

Well I bought a 13.3" Macbook and jailbroke my 3g iphone yesterday, im running 8.0.1 (12) I didnt even have an issue.
Maybe i will try it again on my wife's iphone and see what happens...

I only find the problem to exist if you try to enter DFU mode with the iPhone connected & iTunes open. I was able to enter DFU mode & then connect up to load my new 2.2 pwnage ipsw file just fine.

to clarify - I could get into DFU mode fine with the original iPhone in the above comment. with a 3G iPhone I'm unable to get into DFU mode regardless of it being plugged into iTunes or not :(

if you have bootcamp running isn't it possible to perform the unlock in windows on your macbook aluminum?

I have a late 2008 macbook pro. If i jailbreak my iphone 3g on a different machine, and also unlock it, can i then go back to using it in the future with my macbook pro.
Or will i still have problems plugging it into my macbook pro once it is jailbroken and unlocked?

Is there a solution yet to Jailbreaking on the new MacBook Pros?! I have go idea when I am supposed to plug and unplug the USB cable multile times from the unlocking 3G on new Pros. Can you please clear up directions? Thank you

If i have a 1G 4gb iphone what is the most recommended firmware to install? Can i install 2.2.1?