MacBooks To Have Blackberry Storm-style "Touch Click" Pad?

RIM calls it "ClickThrough" and introduced their version with the Blackberry Storm. While we here at TiPb were initially dubious, was apparently right about the Storm as the Big Sites loved it quite a bit. Still, we never saw Apple adopting it, and it's scroll-click metaphor, to the iPhone, but it looks like they may have already put a similar concept to use in the new MacBooks set to be announced today. Daring Fireball has the spoiler alert:

The new trackpad is similar to the Air’s, in that it is bigger and supports additional multi-touch gestures. But unlike the Air’s, the MacBook Pro’s new trackpad is made of glass, and is a button itself. You just press and it clicks. This is not like the current software option where you can enable “Tap to Click” in the trackpad preferences, but instead a glass trackpad that acts as a physical button, with a click you can feel. Sounds odd, but I hear it’s very cool in practice.

TiPb will be live meta-blogging the Spotlight Turns to MacBook's event today, which starts at 1pm EDT/10 am PDT. See you here!

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MacBooks To Have Blackberry Storm-style "Touch Click" Pad?


The Storm has a flexible plastic screen with tiny springs under that provide the tactile feedback. The iPhone has a glass ouch-resistive screen. So one has nothing to do with the other; what could be a pointer to the future of the iPhone is the presumably new haptic feedback technology of the MacBook touchpad. Apple had changed the final design of the iPhone to ship with the current optical glass screen after SJ denied it with a plastic screen. The plastic, spring-loaded screen was considered for the iPhone but durability concerns eventually aborted its utilization.

oh, guys, I think the potentially amazing news is that the glass trackpad MAY just be that: a screen with another set of UI controls... 'wonder why Nohn Gruber has not commented on that

Wow... if it IS in fact another screen with UI controls? that would be amazing...
I can't wait!