March 24 Apple Event to Focus on... Pro Apps?!

With the new hardware dropped last week, and an Apple Special Event still in the rumor-mill or March 24, we've naturally been hoping for a sneak peek at iPhone 3.0, just like we got for iPhone 1.0 and 2.0 for the past 2 years. But now (via MacRumors) is raining on our parade with a report of what the even might actually focus on:

software. More precisely, Apple's video Pro Apps should receive updates or see new versions.

Pro apps are way past due for an update, no argument there. What with Apple pulling out of NAB even before they pulled out of Macworld, a Special Event makes the kind of sense that does. Still, we want us our iPhone news! stamps foot and throws tantrum

Doubtful anything Final Cut Studio Pro or any of the other Pro Apps have on tap will be directly iPhone related. Unless anyone has any ideas to the contrary?

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Reader comments

March 24 Apple Event to Focus on... Pro Apps?!


I think Apple will release new iphone and push everyone to upgrade for firmware 3.0.
Push Notification is probably not coming anytime soon.

I agree with milk. My iphones have been great and i love them but there is just a lot of little things about the phone i dont like and begin to add up and wear on me. If i dont get an upgrade im getting a phone that has the things i want.

Does a new release of the Pro Apps really require an exclusive Dog & Pony show from Apple? I can see them as part of an hour long announcement but I can't see them being the whole show. I think it's going to be more than that.

@The Reptile,
If they're doing a big FCP release, they'll want the same type of media they used to get a NAB. Remember, the Apple Events are usually invitation-only to begin with, so selecting a group to cover FCP and targeting them via invites shouldn't be a problem...

I'm actually very excited about Final Cut Pro...
... but DAMMMN... I want my iPhone updates! :x