Michael Gartenberg reportedly joins Apple marketing

Michael Gartenberg reportedly joins Apple marketing

Highly respected tech industry analyst Michael Gartenberg has reportedly left his previous employer, Gartner, for a position on Apple's marketing team. Forbes' Connie Guglielmo writes:

Gartenberg didn’t immediately reply to a voicemail message left at his office at Apple asking him to talk about his new role for the Cupertino, California-based company. He is working on the marketing team under Apple’s global marketing chief Phil Schiller, according to sources.

Gartenberg is terrific. He and Apple are lucky to have each other. Here's hoping Gartenberg's fresh set of eyes, and tremendous industry savvy, help Apple do an even better job than they're already doing, given the increasing competition.

Congratulations, both.

Source: Forbes

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Michael Gartenberg reportedly joins Apple marketing

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Am I weird that Gartenburg immediately made me think of Gatlinburg (...in mid July)?

Yeah, I figure it's just me :P.