Minuum keyboard heads to iOS 8

Minuum will be bringing its keyboard to Apple's iOS 8

With Apple opening up to third-party keyboards on iOS 8, it looks like Minuum will be porting its keyboard to the iPhone in the future. "We're working on a version of Minuum for iOS now, and we'll let you know when it's ready to try," the company stated.

Minuum, currently available for the Android platform, describes itself as "the little keyboard for big fingers." Featuring a row of keys that's based on the QWERTY keyboard and the keyboard is built on predictive analysis rather than accuracy of pressing the letters you need.

An exact release date was not given for the keyboard.

Miniuum will be joining Swiftkey, Swype, and Fleksy on iOS 8 as alternative keyboards for the platform designed by third-parties.

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Reader comments

Minuum keyboard heads to iOS 8


That is a truly crazy keyboard! I love the innovative approach and, assuming it works as well as it demos, look forward to using it.

Not the easiest keyboard to adapt to. I think they have an invisible mode as well, which in concept sounds great but a little tricky. Hoping that these keyboards communicate cross platform. They get better the more you use and give access to them.

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I was hoping this keyboard would be ported over. It's pretty nifty, but not my cup of tea. Probably very useful for those with small displays such as the iPhone. Despite the whole Android vs iOS nonsense, I hope Google ports their keyboard too. It's honestly the best keyboard I've used on Android. Something tells me Google wouldn't be opposed to doing so.

Agree, I think google could end up making their keyboard available on IOS as well

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Not a fan of Miniuum. I've tried it on all display sizes i could from 4.5, 5.5, 7, to 10 inches, but just plain don't like it. I always go back to Swiftkey or Google Keyboard.

I'm excited abt new keyboards making inroads into iOS8. It might seem like a over reaction to some, but I've found the Windows phone keyboard and Android keyboards 'fat finger' friendly and iOS keyboard makes me frustrated a lot of times. So yes.. I'm excited abt this.

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swype, swype, swype.....yay, maybe i'll finally break down and get an iphone (keyword: maybe). still an android freak at heart.