Last minute gift ideas for iPhone and iPad

Before you pull a Homer Simpson and leave your family with nothing but the sound of broken glass, revving engines, and squealing tires to let them know you once again forgot their gifts, check out TiPb's last minute gift ideas for iPhone and iPad. They're better than whatever you'll find left at the QuickyMart and might just keep you out of the dog house (and off the couch) on the night before Christmas, or the day of the big birthday or anniversary!

Netflix, Hulu Plus, Slacker subscription

Nothing is faster than instant and more enjoyable than a month or year of content. You can buy a subscription online and it gets delivered instantly to your loved one so that can turn on and tune out the holidays. Options include:

Best iPad apps: Netflix

iTunes, App Store, iBooks gift certificates

It's just about too late to buy them that new iPhone or iPad but it isn't too late to buy them a gift certificate so they can pick out some great music, movies, TV shows, apps, games, and iBooks to enjoy on their existing computer or iOS device.

iTunes allowances

The gift that keeps on giving, iTunes allowances are perfect for kids who might not be responsible enough for unfettered iTunes access but who might also benefit from learning about budgeting. You set a specific amount of money they can spend every month, they choose what they want to spend it on.

iTunes, App Store, specific gifts

If you want something less generic than an iTunes gift certificate, you can gift specific iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps, games, music, movies, and TV shows as well.

Amazon gift certificates

If you want less digital, more analog gifts you can still pick up an Amazon gift certificate and send it electronically, then let them redeem it for the real-world presents. You set it up, Amazon takes care of delivering.

Your last minute gift ideas?

Did we miss any amazing last minute gift ideas? Not that you've ever forgotten that special occasion, of course, but if... a friend of yours, let's say, has had any strokes of gifting genius, please share in the comments!

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Last minute gift ideas for iPhone and iPad


Those items wouldn't arrive in time for Christmas.. They're promoting 'instant' gift ideas that you can give someone in a few seconds.

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