Mobile Me Officially Live

Good morning iPhone lovers! Remember when you were a child and you discovered your parents' secret hiding place for your Chrismas presents? You spend a few agonizing minutes (ok, seconds) debating whether or not to peek at what you'd get and then, yes, you peeked. Today's going to be like that. If you haven't yet, it's time to fire up iTunes and check for an update because, yes, 7.7 is here with the App store and ready for download. More on that in a bit.

First up, though, GearLive [via gizmodo] managed to figure out that Mobile Me is basically up and ready to rock, although the service itself may not quite be live yet. It's not going to show up in any software updaters just yet, but here is a direct download of the installer for Macs.

Picture 11-1

Update: My computer just let me know that ".Mac is now Mobile Me" and sent me to the software update, which, verily, has the Mobile Me Update available officially!

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Mobile Me Officially Live