Mobile Nations invades the Miami Apple Store lineup

It's not often we can manage to get the Chief Media Officer of Mobile Nations, Kevin Michaluk to go all in on some Apple coverage for us. (Being the number one BlackBerry fanboy and all.) But here we are on the eve of the new iPad launch and so Kevin hit up the Lincoln Road Apple store in Miami to see what was going down.

Knowing full well the lines would be filling up, Sierra and her Mom Marilyn who tagged along for the journey set out to ensure they would be in a great spot to get a new iPad.

Successful mission thus far, considering they are in fact the first two people in line for the occasion. We're expecting to see more coverage as the night goes on and into the morning but for now, check out the video above and if you're in line somewhere waiting, drop us a note in the comments or in the iMore forums.

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Chris Parsons

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Mobile Nations invades the Miami Apple Store lineup


I am at the best buy us1 and Oakland fort lauderdale I am the first one and the only one also is a long way to go :)

Best buy opens at 10am. Maybe you should try a target (8 am) or Walmart (7am, or 24 hours)? Really want the RZ points?

Very cool article. Glad for her, and cool of her mom to do that. Reminds me of my mom: if I got good grades,and never in trouble, she always had my back. :)

i would still buy the ipad because if the app store and the apiapcltions you can get.also even tho the blackberry is multi-touch im just not sure how good it will actually be i will need to try it before i buy i guess. i can't wait to see the samsung one and maybe you should do a htc tablet review as well.

So how many people ever showed up down there in Miami?
The story 'round these parts is no one is that interested (or they've all pre-ordered). I decided to swing by the nearest Walmart at the 7am opening time (but wound up not getting there till 7:30am) and discovered they'd only sold TWO ipads in their first half-hour. Mine was the third.
They had absolutely no signage, display models, etc. and an allotment of twenty iPads total (this is a pretty small Walmart); 5 each of the black/16/wifi, black/32/wifi, white/32/wifi+4g and white/64/wifi+4g. Didn't ask which flavor of 4g they had. But judging by the lack of crowd, that 20 might last them a good long while.
On the way out, I swung by a Target (9am open) and a Best Buy (10am open) that share a parking lot a few miles away from the Walmart. No one was waiting at the Target, and only two people were waiting at the Best Buy (but they might have been security as they were BS'ing with a blue-shirt employee who was outside with them.
The Best Buy had gone through the bother of setting out a huge row of orange cones (which made me figured they must have been more worried about a crowd) but it was looking pretty grim.
Perhaps the pre-orders killed the release day demand? Or maybe the kind of people who would wait went instead to the nearest 24-hour Walmart that's probably 45 minutes from here?
Has the era of line sitting for gadgets finally ended?