MobileMe: iDisk to Make Large File Transfer Easy, iWork to go WebApp?

While TiPb is still waiting on Mobile iChat (SchillerNote Macworld bullet-point perhaps?), at least MobileMe isn't taking time off for the holidays. In addition to an update for their browser-side PIM services, fresh rumors abound of iWork -- Apple's word processing Pages, presentation making Keynote, and spread sheeting Numbers -- going WebApps (think Google Docs with buttery Apple-crafted UI). Ars Technica says:

"Magic" could refer to a few things, but my best guess is that it will be a new iWork component or application that will allow some kind of online sharing, collaboration, or application access. It's possible that Apple will indeed introduce iWork web application at the Macworld Expo, but if that's the case then I think they'll be offered as part of the existing suite, or as an add-on component, rather than as groundbreaking overhaul.

What seems more certain, and certainly handy, is this catch by TUAW:

Soon a new feature in iDisk will make it simple to share files too big for email. iDisk will automatically send a message with a simple link. The recipient will just click the link to download the file.

Official iDisk integration for the iPhone would be a nifty holiday treat as well. OS 2.3 please?

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MobileMe: iDisk to Make Large File Transfer Easy, iWork to go WebApp?


I would iWork on the iPhone! But I don't want a web app I want it to run native on my phone, (perhaps an app store download?) as well as a native iDisk app

Epic, epic failure this MobileMe is. Let me count the ways:
1) Terrible launch
2) Cannot synch calendar subscriptions in iCal
3) Wont sync work email, contacts, calendar if on enterprise server
4) Buggy as heck - several times I wake up and find all my contacts missing from my iphone
5) Only supported in Firefox
6) Web-based service / "cloud" incredibly slow and often down for maintenance
If Apple had refunded my $99, I would have been partially satisfied that they realzied this service is a joke. Instead, they gave me an extra 30 days of a bad service. Thanks Apple. Numbers 2 and 3 above are main reason why I had to get a Blackberry. One day, hopefully soon, they will make this truly "exhchange for the rest of us" and then the iphone can move from a cool toy/entertainment status to a legit business device.

@Unhappy Camper
MobileMe is awesome and has given me zero problems and is great for my two businesses. Sounds like you have personal issues with using highly advanced devices.
Your BlackBerry is a joke, and you know it because you're here :lol:

Why is it when a gripe is posted the fanboys get all flustered and respond with insult? I am here because I have owned an iphone for 2 years. If you use it for 2 businesses they must be very small or nonexistant where you dont need BES-like synchronization. I get several hundred emails a day and tried everything to get mobileMe to work so I could use it for business. But keep playing with your toy as you play with yourself.
My Iphone is just an ipod touch now and for some reason i'm happier without all the stress.

Then you shouldn't have bought it for your freakish business using a freakish system. :lol:
— Steve the Fanboy :lol:

Also, your original "cool toy" remark is an insult. Surely, you don't expect not to be insulted back.
Sorry, you're an unhappy camper. I would be too if I used a BlackBerry.