MobileMe Scam Alert: Round 3

September was the last time we saw some malicious attacks on MobileMe subscribers. Well the scammers are at it again, trying to take advantage of Apple's MobileMe subscribers. A Gizmodo reader claims to have gotten the email shown above.

If you then click the fake "Login" button you will be directed to a website the scammers have set up -- to look like Apple's web site -- asking for your credit card information. It is safe to say, delete this email if you happen to find it in your inbox.

[Via Gizmodo]

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MobileMe Scam Alert: Round 3


Fuck, I got this damn email too. I was chatting to a guy on Apple support and he said that email looks legit. Damn those hackers!

I think anyone who falls for these scams deserve to lose everything. More power to them if they get rich off stupid people.

You're an ass-hole Steve, guy above me. It just so happened this email was sent the exact day I was actually set for renewal and yesterday coincidentally I had maxed out my credit card with a new computer purchase. This was a cleverly timed scam by them, if a little lucky with the treble coincidence. They didn't scam anything from me, but I'd bet they would have tried if I wasn't suspicious of them. Like I said; you're an a-hole Steve. Don't say stuff on the web you wouldn't say to someone's face. You said that to mine you'd remember saying it!

First, you don't tell me, or anyone else, what to say or what not to say. Second, if you think they're "clever" than it says a lot about your intelligence (or lack thereof). Third, I won't even remember you an hour from now because you're nobody. You're nothing but a foul-mouth punk. :roll:

2:46 - Steve talks smack to Brendan.
6:54 - (4 hours later) Steve "remembers" Brendan and responds.
Steve, you better not respond to this or else you will prove to all that you "remembered" Brendan more than an hour after claiming you would not remember him!

i agree. steve is an asshole and someone i know just got an email and i investigated the site and it is a well planned and thought out scam to try and steal money. i know more about the net than the average folk but someone who is not as familiar with rules to follow to not be sucked in by this stuff is not stupid and deserving of being ripped off.

They are back --
Just a reminder to renew your MobileMe subscription by July 10, 2011 PDT to avoid interruption of service.
Did you resently change you credit card or phone number?To renew your service, log in to MobileMe,
And click Account Options.Then click the
Login box for your subscription. When you're done, click Billing Info and make sure your credit card information
is up to date. It takes only a few minutes, and your credit card won't be charged until the day before your renewal date.
Thanks for being a MobileMe subscriber. We're looking forward to another great year. .
click on Log In To MobileMe .
Copyright � 2011 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.

Dropping by from SITS drooling too but thkiinng I'd probably be better with a netbook cause I want the travel portability but I'd probably want to blog about stuff on the go and a keyboard would make it easier will see how it goes it would have to go on a Christmas list