MobileMe Update Coming June 17: Find my iPhone, Remote Wipe, iDisk Mobile, File Sharing, Public Folders

MobileMe Find my iPhone

As part of the WWDC keynote today, Apple announced new features for their MobileMe service as it pertains to the iPhone:

  • Find my iPhone shows map location
  • Find alerts sends text or sound to advise of lost iPhone or help find it
  • Remote wipe lets you clear data from a lost iPhone, or restore it via login or iTunes

  • Mobile iDisk App gives access to viewable files right on your iPhone

  • File sharing lets you send links to files via email with access control
  • Access public folders lets you share files on your friends' iDisks

Like iPhone 3.0, the MobileMe updates will be available June 17.

[Thanks Cody for the tip!]

Rene Ritchie

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Wesley says:

Interesting how you have an iDisk mobile but no official disk on the iPhone (that would work via USB and transfer files fast). Why is that so hard to do? Create a folder under /private/var/mobile and mount it on the USB driver, come on Apple...

Developer says:

Find my iPhone is a COPY of!
Support, not Apple. They stole the name, and most of the features. Fucking assholes.

alarob says:

@Developer, I'd be more willing to try FindMyI if the text on the website did not appear to have been composed in Windows TextPad by an 11-year-old. "Stealthly" is not a complete sentence. It's not even a word.