Monday Fun Fantasy: Apple MacBook Mini

Is it real, or is it photoshop-fiction? Almost certainly the latter, but since our editor-in-chief, Dieter, went and bought himself a Dell Mini 9, it stands to reason Apple leaked this just to give him a little pay back for the stray Mac.

Gizmodo runs down the speculative specs:

  • 10.4" WXGA display.
  • 1280 x 768 pixel with LED backlighting.
  • Intel Atom Z740 1.83GHz with 1MB L2 cache.
  • 2GB DDR3-800.
  • NVIDIA GeForce 9400M
  • 64GB Solid State Drive.
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n
  • 1 x USB 2.0
  • 1 x Mini Display Port
  • Battery Li-Ion 5100mA

Do we want a low-yield baby Mac? Would it be even more interesting if, as Apple Insider reported some other rumors suggest, carriers like AT&T, Orange, etc. start offering subsidized MacBook's when you sign a contract for a data card?

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Monday Fun Fantasy: Apple MacBook Mini


10 inch screen ? I'm planning on getting a MacBook this summer and I'm trying to prepare my self to use a 13 inch screen.
I could possibly see this comming. Apple is releasing a 17 inch iMac for education institutions , something they've done away with for a while now. It has to be because of the ecconomy.
If this is real , I dont think I would go further than a 13 inch.

this might not be a bad idea from apple. I work at best buy computer sales and the netbooks are selling like crazy! However, apple would have to make pricing competitive and reasonable.with other netbooks selling for $249-$300; apples netbook should be $399-$449. Also throw in exclusive data tethering for iPhone owners and you'd have a winner! If they have a price point of $899 or above their doomed eg.(sony vaio p)

If Apple didn't want to be involved with the low-end phone market, why would they want to be involved with the low-end netbook market?
I think a MacTablet should be their next move. I have my new 17" and my iPhone... I see no purpose for anything in between... unless it's a smaller touch screen Mac (full OS X), then I'll be excited.

I don't see the point. If you are carrying this thing around you are probably carrying it in a backpack anyway. So, why not get a MB or MBP? They fit just fine in a backpack and they have the screen, horsepower, and connection ports that make them useful for real tasks! Especially without a 3G card, this is useless.

@Al. Because it's a lot smaller, lighter, and cheaper. Also, I know students often don't use a backpack if they only have a class or two that day. Some guys just carry their stuff and girls will often just carry a small tote. No 17'' MBP will fit in a small tote. But the price factor is huge. If all I need is internet and word processing, why would I spend $2k+ on a MBP when I could spend $800 or less on a mini thing.
I think Apple would be smart to make a little mini MacBook. But as Steve says, I wouldn't be surprised if Apple isn't interested in that market. I personally wouldn't purchase one, but I'm sure a lot of people would.

I would love to have a 10' apple notebook but would like it to come with similar functions to the Kindle Whispernet, Tethering with my iphone and be as media savvy as the current MacBook. I do not understand how anybody would want a macbook with a 17 inch screen. Instead I want to comfortable sit on my couch or wirelessly connect to a 24" monitor, keyboard and mouse to use it as a desktop. This will allow me to see content where I need it from work environment, to watching movies to displaying a cooking recipe. It is important to me that the screen is touch screen and can be swiveled when I want to read a book on it while laying on my sofa. I also want to use it as a communication device with my children using Wikipedia and education applications that can be accessed in a group scenario.
The vision I currently have for this device is very different then what netbooks are used for. And that will warrant a hire price point.

If this thing would come with built in 3G that I don't pay a monthly fee for (a la Kindle) I'd get one on release day even if it cost the same as a more powerful 13". Screen size isn't nearly as important as portability to me.

Interesting concept, but Apple does quite well focusing on higher-class machines for a smaller audience, and has never shown much interest at increasing their overall market share at the expense of that core group. They might be looking at contingency plans if they see netbook sales significantly eat into Macbook sales, but it is hard to imagine them willingly jumping into that low-end-brutal-price-war segment.

3Girls: "I do not understand how anybody would want a macbook with a 17 inch screen."
To work with graphics-intensive applications from any room, or on-the-go location, without being stuck in one room with at a 24" monitor, a mouse, and keyboard. That's why.

Who do you think is going to provide this 3G connection that you don't want to pay for?
I am assuming, if this is real, it will be $899.99 with out contract and $600 (or less) with contract through AT&T.
And the MacBook White will be discontinued.

@Otis Good point. I think they will discontinue the Air because the gap will be much too small. They would either discontinue the Air or just not upgrade it until they can release a more powerful model for less or the same price later on. This would definitely kill the Air

It's pathetic that this only has 1 USB port. The sad thing is Apple WOULD make it JUST LIKE THIS.
I bought a $300 Acer Aspire One and it has not one, not two, but THREEEEEE usb ports!! OMG and it also has a DVI port!!! WHAT THE FUCK??? REALLY!?
omg it has audio in AND out ports!??!?
Holy, you guys won't believe this. It even has a multi-card reader slot AND a slot that expands my harddrive space via SD cards!!
Need I remind you it was only $300! And it has a 1.6Ghz processor >_>.

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