Moscone banner shows off iCloud icon in advance of WWDC 2011

Moscone banner shows off iCloud icon in advance of WWDC 2011

Look through the glass and what do we see, the iCloud logo on a banner at WWDC! Yes, it does seem like someone traced the MobileMe icon to make the iCloud icon but that's also a nice little bit of continuity.

We still don't know what exactly it will be -- online music almost certainly, maybe movies, probably the MobileMe email, calendar, and contacts, and hopefully a much better version of photo handling. Will it be restricted to iTunes-only content or will it allow all your media, like Amazon and Google do? Will it be free, paid, or a mix of both? Streaming only, downloads, or a hybrid?

So. Many. Questions.

We'll get our answers when Steve Jobs takes the stage on Monday! Until then, let us know what you think!

[@stop via @justmattyg via MacRumors]

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Moscone banner shows off iCloud icon in advance of WWDC 2011


This kinda reminds me of the scene in Pulp Fiction when they get the suit case and we never find out whats in the box. That why I feel like right now.

cnet is reporting that the deal with universal is done, but some publishers remain unattached. also music will be itunes bought only at first but will change in the future. also they said streaming won't happen monday

I hope it has some sort of document syncing between iPad & iPhone since we got the iWork suite on iPhone.

Same here. I believe Apple understands that enterprise is very important. My work has already given us access to our applications on the iPhone, iPod Toich, and iPad, with Citrix. These iDevices are more than just games, and music. They are very much part of our business life also. Can only get better.

Prepare to be underwhelmed with the cloud offering. I doubt it's going to be this dreamy continuous client idea where not only is your data everywhere, but the state of data is preserved across multiple devices so one can continuously work on one file from different machines.
Right now, people are getting a free lunch with basically no charges for bandwidth or offsite storage. That lunch won't be free forever.