New education section launched on

New education section launched on

Apple has updated their website with a brand new section on eduction, greatly improving not only the design and usability, but the content as well. Here's the intro on

We believe that technology has the power to transform the classroom. It can pave new ways of thinking. New ways of sparking ideas. Yet the foundation never changes: A dedication to learning that’s always been part of our DNA. We’ve been proud to work alongside educators and students to reinvent what it means to teach and learn. And together we’re doing things we never thought possible.

Jim Dalrymple of The Loop encapsulated it perfectly:

Macs have always been an important part of education and with nearly 10 million iPads being used in schools worldwide, Apple is bringing a new generation of technology to learning.

Steve Jobs was rumored to have considered the iPad the most important project in a life filled with world-changing products. Education was also something he and Apple held dear. Since then, from Text Books to the new Kids section in the App Store, Apple has been systematically improving an already strong offering.

Can't wait to see what's next!

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New education section launched on


It's nice to see educational focus being able to step up and out more. I look forward to seeing how Apple will further the educational emphasis... My children have loved the iBook offerings from The Apple Store iOS app.

I agree. Apple used to be a leader in education and has kind of left it languish. Hopefully this is a just the first of many steps to win back that market.