New iPod touch will come in five different colors

Apple has just announced the next generation iPod touch live from the iPhone 5 event in San Francisco. Besides having a better A5 processor and camera system, it'll also come in 5 colors.

The new 4" iPod touch will be available not only in black and white but blue, yellow, and red variants as well. Not as many choices as the 7 colors the new iPod nano will be available in but it's a good start and a ways away from Apple's traditional black and white approach. The red variant will be a product (RED) endorsed version as well.

Any of you planning on picking up a color? If so, which one?

Allyson Kazmucha

Editor for iMore, Potter pundit, and the ninja in your iOS

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There are 9 comments. Add yours.

dloveprod says:

I'd stick with silver or black and just get a colored case.

rhardison423 says:

If I get one, it will be a product (RED) one. If I'm going to get one, there's no reason why I shouldn't at least get one that will donate part of the proceeds to charity.

mwinn2 says:

what is the silver dot in the bottom left on each ipod touch?

Stubbs69 says:

That's "the Loop" where you can attach a wrist strap so you don't have to worry about dropping it.

tlo07 says:

I wish the iPhone had that!

jrsharp70 says:

I think the new iPods are way more awesome than the new iPhone, thought it is nice looking.

Only problem with the phone is that as sweet as it is... it still needs a case! The pods aren't so expensive that they have to be armored up so much.

Vanti says:

I would definitly be getting a standard white one. Or if not then i would get a product red just because i like the richer shade of red, almost like a crimson.

EsJayDee says:

I wish it was coming out in an actual green color, not that yellowish.

J0K3RR says:

Do the new iPod's come with a black front not just white???