Newer Apple bumpers now fit 3rd party accessories better

Good news -- the new Verizon iPhone friendly Apple bumpers now fit 3rd-pa One of my biggest gripes with Apple's bumpers is that the charge port only fit Apple chargers. If you use any third party sync cables, chargers, or battery packs they would never fit. I have a Griffin Power Jolt battery pack, a Griffin car charger, and several retractable chargers lurking around the house. It always made me angry when I'd have to take off the bumper to use any of these.

When I picked up my Verizon iPhone for review, I picked up one of the new universal Apple bumpers. To my pleasant surprise, the charge port has also been tweaked a bit. All my third party accessories work! This isn't something Apple has advertised but from the picture above, you can definitely tell the port is wider, allowing other accessories to now fit all the way into the iPhone's charge port. The old Apple bumper is the blue one pictured above and the pink one is one of the newer bumpers.

Thanks Apple for giving us a choice! It's not very often you do that.

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Allyson Kazmucha

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Reader comments

Newer Apple bumpers now fit 3rd party accessories better


when the apple bumper fits in the apple dock, let me know.
still blows my mind that they didnt make those compatible.

It doesn't really make sense for a bumper to fit in a dock. You'd have to make the dock huge and then the people that don't use bumpers would not have much support when docking their phones. 3rd party manufacturers make adjustable docks. Grab one of those.

sure it would. alot of people use the bumpers just to get rid of the attenuation problem, or lessen the effect of it. makes perfect sense that they would, or maybe add adapters to it.

But like I said, there's tons of manufacturers that DO support docks that are adjustable. Who says you have to buy the Apple one? The Apple docks suck anyways.

I already have the apple dock. That's who says lol. You would think they would make their accessories compatible with each other though

Something they should have considered from the very start and also something that other case manufacturers should try to keep in mind…!

The original one did suck, but it was nothing a dremel tool couldn't fix...
In any case, everyone should go out and buy a new bumper, cuz building inferior devices and then coming out with new versions that fix the shortfalls is Apple's forte...

Finally, I was getting tired of having to cut extra space in the covers so I use my third party accessories.

"It always made me angry when I’d have to take off the bumper to use any of these."
Angry over a piece of rubber you have to take two seconds to take off? Wow, seems to be a bit of misdirected anger there. It's just a bumper, folks.

Misdirected anger? Are you serious? lmao
It IS annoying to have to take a bumper off every single time I want to plug my phone in to charge it. The point is, you shouldn't have to.

I agree, I hated taking a knife to the expensive piece of rubber that I bought just so I could use the wireless car adapter.

2 seconds yes, taking it off every single time, not so good. It shouldn't have to work that way is all Allyson was saying.

thanks for the confirmation. I kept thinking, I can't be the only one that think that that sure look like a teal and orange bumper to me

It was annoying to take off the bumper everytime you need to charge or plug in a 3.5 jack. I wound up tearing up my bumper due to the constant on and off. But hey, it was free from Apple.
Solution: I bought a CiderZ Bumper. Allows all plugs and chargers, feels stronger, and well built for $17.

Like others have said, Apple should have thought about that before. I got a free Apple bumper but gave up using it because of this problem.
Silicone/TPU bumpers tend to make the buttons hard to press, so I ended up getting the CaseMate Hula and will probably stick with it. The port opening even fits my Belkin Tunebase car dock, it's lower profile than the Apple bumper and fits tighter, and the clear sides also show off the design.

The buttons are definitely not hard to press. With the bumper, the buttons are just as easy to press as if there was no case it.