News Corp to start digital publishing unit?

News Corp. head Rupert Murdoch has repeatedly said he sees a bright future for iPad and iPad-like devices when it comes to media consumption, and now there's a rumor he might launch a unit specifically to target the new, digital, mobile age. Could existing properties like Wall Street Journal and New York Times soon be joined by

Sources close to the company tell me that the company is considering creating a new purely digital news play that would be designed for the app world and would be available through subscription on devices like the iPad.

This new digital news venture would incorporate text, photo and video, tailored for the iTunes app format .... neither a newspaper nor a news website -- it would not be based on any of News Corp's existing papers.

Of course, publishers and Apple are reportedly still at odds over how to handle subscription pricing, and there's still a huge disconnect between publishers and consumers when it comes to packaging and pricing (iPad versions shouldn't cost more than print versions, right?), so the future it does come slowly...

[CNBC via MacRumors]

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News Corp to start digital publishing unit?


New York Times?
Not yet a News Corp entity, although I'm sure Rupert would love to have it.

Considering News Corp's first and loudest forays into digital have been hapless mismanagement after acquiring myspace, ceding the market they should have owned to facebook, and a registration system so I'll-thought out that it has been estimated at losing 90% of readership ( ) at its

Flagship paper, I'm not sure why Murdoch would have the slightest credibility in online/digital publishing.
(Hit submit early...publish button too close to a my spell correction on my iPhone for my stubby thumb :) )

I will never understand the logic behind charging more for a digital version than print. Yes, there are infrastructure, programming and design costs but that have to be less than manufacturing a print edition every day! I can imagine how many subscriptions Murdoch could sell if the price was significantly lower than the print edition but not enough to devalue the brand. Perhaps he doesn't want to cannibalize the print revenue. That would be a typical response from nearly any company or division who's revenue is almost exclusively derived from one or two cash cows.

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