Ninja Tip: How to Use an Apple Multi-touch Magic Mouse with Windows

Magic Mouse Hero

If you're an iPhone user running Windows and Apple's new Magic Mouse made you ache for a little taste of that multi-touch goodness on the desktop as well, you're in luck! No, Apple didn't provide support themselves, but the enterprising folks over at UneasySilence showed -- there's a hack for that!

Thanks to a little hackery from Apple’s Bluetooth Update (located here) the Magic Mouses driver was extracted via WinRar resulting in a 32bit version and a 64bit version that you can install on any ordinary Windows PC that will enable all the scrolling ‘magic’ of the Magic Mouse.

I'm loving my Magic Mouse on Mac OS X -- inertial scrolling is awesome -- and I'm looking forward to trying it out on my Win-box when I get back to work on Monday. If you beat me to it, let me know how it works for you!

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Ninja Tip: How to Use an Apple Multi-touch Magic Mouse with Windows


yes, how dare he run the website in a manner that he sees fit. Pfft...the nerve

The Magic Mouse is a multitouch descendant of the iPhone screen. Of course TiPB will talk about it.

Yeah Apple is in court with that company thats putting the Apple OS on buildable computers, This will be next in line. Better buy it before its too late.

If people haven't upgraded to a Mac yet, I doubt they'd be willing to upgrade to a Magic Mouse. Most are too price consious to spend money on quality. Hell, they probably even still shop at Wal Mart.

i wish they would add inertial scrolling support to regular trackpads and mice as well... i mean it's not that much of a feature, but if it was built into the OS it would be convenient.

dont apple make windows drivers for this, i mean they even promote all our hardware supports windows for bootcamp.
i dont get it.

I love Macs but if they don't incorporate Blu-ray in their computers fast, they'll just be old news. C'mon, Apple! Step into today's technology!

Bluray? Why? I don't think I would actually watch a movie on my laptop unless I was really stranded somewhere, but then I wouldn't have any bluray movies with me either lol
I have used my actual BR Player maybe 7 times in the year and a half I've had it. It's really not that great (good movies are still $40 or more in Canada). And players are only $140 now.

guys is squeezing the magic mouse on both side, the same as the buttons on the mighty mouse? if not how will I move if I wanna look on all the windows ive open?

There's a much easier to run a magicmouse on your windows based PC. Since this ninja tip was released,a company created a nice application called "magicpref" which also let's you customize your personal gestures. Check it out!