Nokia adds iPad, more iPhone to lawsuit again Apple

Nokia has just filed a second patent infringement suit against Apple, adding the iPad into the mix. The new suit covers:

five patents related to "enhanced speech and data transmission, using positioning data in applications and innovations in antenna configurations that improve performance and save space, allowing smaller and more compact devices." [...] by our count, Apple and Nokia now have some five pending legal actions between them, including one that's been placed on hold pending an ITC decision.

This one has been filed in a so-called "rocket-docket" which means, unlike previous suits, it could go to trial in less than a year.

Now we'll just sit back, grab some popcorn with our good friends over at, and wait for Apple to counter-sue. Again.


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Reader comments

Nokia adds iPad, more iPhone to lawsuit again Apple


I can understand Nokia's prior suits, but this is getting out of hand.
"using positioning data in applications and innovations in antenna configurations that improve performance and save space, allowing smaller and more compact devices"
Why is changing the position of an antenna so you can make the device smaller a patentable technology? Can I create a patent which raises a cell phone Antenna 20 feet for better reception? Can haz million dollarz now?

I might given Nokia the benefit of the doubt, since this is a summary article, not the patents themselves. If the patents are for specific implementations or configurations, they would be legitimate. If they are overbroad, then no. But you may as well ask:
Why is the act (not the implementation) of responding to a swiping gesture to unlock a device a patentable technology?
Why is locking a device until an ad completes showing a patentable technology?
These are real Apple patents that should not pass even the most minimal smell test.
As long as the patent system allows crap like that to get through, companies will file for them, and arguably have to, in order to forestall the types of suits that both Apple and Nokia are filing.

I don't get how people say Apple's lawsuits are trying to "stop HTC from innovating".... NOKIA'S lawsuits are against innovation, not Apple's... >_> Look at what they are suing for, it's just RIDICULOUS, they could sue EVERYONE for that, but they choose to go after Apple because they are bitter and jealous.

Why is all these companies trying to bring down Apple? If your company is failing, don't point your fingers at the companies that's doing better then you. Can't blame Apple for having better engineerers then you guys.... Here's a tip, try to make your product better..

Pot calling the kettle black.
Maybe you should give that advice to Apple with their lawsuit against HTC. They sense a little competition and go running for their attorneys.

Nokia and Apple are simply negotiating licensing terms for Nokia's part in the GSM patent pool. I put my money on Apple paying Typical FRAND terms and Nokia not being able to get a cross licensing agreement.
4 years from now.

I agree that Nokia is suing only Apple because they are the "new guys" and Nokia has been around for years and no one gives a flying you know what about Nokia anymore. Apple is far superior to anything Nokia has ever even dreamed about. This lawsuit is a joke and I hope they lose and get laughed at by the judge.

Nokia created all the modern GSM cellular technology.
They spent over $60 Billion dollars in the 90's researching and developing a way to make calls wirelessly without using a satellite.
Nokia's ENGINEER's made a huge breakthrough and INNOVATED the way humans globally communicate.
Without this technology, the iPhone would only be an iPod, without any possibilities what-so-ever of making any data connections, sending SMS, or making phone calls.
The iPhone is very innovative, but their technology is everyone elses, and was invented, patented and created by someone else. Apple is refusing to pay Nokia for the use of it technology.
Without Nokia, the cellular technology as we know it would have never existed-meaning no iPhone.
E VE R Y S I N G L E phone company, including cheap nock-off chinese cellular phones, pay Nokia for the use of their technology. It's called "Royalties" or licensing fee. Guess who else makes people pay Royalties-Apple.
"Its suit doesn't seek an injunction that would block shipments of iPhones. Nokia and other technology giants took part in standard-setting processes that commit participants to license their patents on a "fair and reasonable" basis, an industry practice that tends to discourage injunctions."
It's an industry-standard.. Pinch to zoom is not an industry standard, in fact that was created 5 years ago by a small startup company.

Nokia's Side:
The 10 patents at issue in the Apple case relate to technologies that are "fundamental" to making devices that are compatible with one or more of the current wireless standards – GSM, UMTS (3G W-CDMA) and wireless LAN. "The patents cover wireless data, speech coding, security and encryption and are infringed by all Apple iPhone models shipped since the iPhone was introduced in 2007," Nokia said.
Apple's Side:
“Other companies must compete with us by inventing their own technologies, not just by stealing ours.”
Hmm, Nokia invented phones, a delaware start up company invented pinc to zoom, Palm invented PDA/Phone combo and the use of a touchscreen user input device and pretty much the 1st iteration of the smartphone we see today, Cisco had the name iPhone already taken, Webkit (which is used to run safari and safari on iPhone) was created by an Open Source group, Mac OS was created by taking a linux distro and limiting it/customizing it, it's hardware in it's computers is compossed of PC parts (mac and pc are the same-except for software), it's moniters are made by Xoceco which also makes tv's for LG tier 2 Sony's, Dynex, Samsung, etc etc etc.
and lastly, the iPhone uses Nokia's technology for wifi, umpt, gsm, encryption, voice decoding, and security.
Of coarse, Apple does have intellectual properties, but I'm just showing you that a lot of their intellectual properties were from someone wasn't their innovation.. Apple has been very successful though b/c they marketted those properties CORRECTLY, and they SIMPLIFIED everything as to how it could be. All the other companies weren't smart enough to think smaller and simpler.. Almost like the were extremely blind to what the customer wanted.
Nokia's $60 Billion dollar investment to make the technology, the Iphone uses btw, was no small amount.
To put into perspective, ALL of Apple cash in hand is $34 Billion $.