Nuance acquiring voice-recognition app maker Vlingo

Nuance set to acquire voice-recognition app maker Vlingo

Nuance Communications, makers Dragon Dictation and the voice recognition technology behind Siri in the iPhone 4S, have agreed to purchase competitor Vlingo.

Nuance Communications Inc. agreed to buy Vlingo Inc. in a deal that gives the developer of voice- command technology a system that can respond to spoken words with actions such as Internet searches.

Vlingo had a big boost in downloads after some iPhone users realized it could perform tasks that Siri has yet to offer, such as sending status updates to social networks like Twitter and Facebook by simply speaking into their iPhone.

Details of the upcoming acquisition have yet to be disclosed by either company. While this may be good for Nuance, having one fewer major player in the voice recognition space is sad for those who like dynamic, highly competitive markets.

Source: Bloomberg BusinessWeek

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Nuance acquiring voice-recognition app maker Vlingo


when i switched from bb to iphone a year ago i looked for vlingo for iphone but couldnt find it... im not sure if it was just me failing at search or if it wasnt there back then. but now thanks to this article i found it and downloaded it... i just hope that nuance doesnt buy vlingo and pull it off market and make the voice recognition a siri only option, but maybe even make vlingo better and with broader control

They're going to integrate Vlingo features into Siri and erase Vlingo from the face of the earth. It's kinda sad that they're just walking into it, considering that their app description touts them as a major competitor to Siri. Also, this kind of necessitates jailbreaking to get Siri for iPhone 4. Great.

This is BS. Their sole purpose will be to buy it and then shut it down. I guarantee it. Isn't there supposed to be government regulation of this? (to prevent monopolies?). Isn't that why the government prevented AT&T from buying T-Mobile?