NYT: Steve Jobs "Extremely Happy" with iTablet, Surprising Interaction Method?

iTablet patent

And the iTablet Saga continues today, with the New York Times blogging that, according to an Apple employee:

"I can’t really say anything, but, let’s just say Steve [Jobs] is extremely happy with the new tablet.”

It's long been known that Apple has had a tablet in the labs for years, and that the iPhone was a result of leveraging technologies experimented with for a "Safari Pad", but Steve Jobs and Apple didn't see a mainstream market for the device and so never released it in its own right. Arguably, they've been just fine with the iPhone and iPod touch filling that niche.

Moreover, the NYT post adds that former Apple employee has told them:

“You will be very surprised how you interact with the new tablet.”

Would that we could stare into its black gloss and will it to do our bidding. Is there an app for that yet?

Anyway, if these rumors have any substance to them, what's changed in Steve Jobs' and Apple's minds? The App Store? The maturing of digital media content so that an iTablet could become the iPod of the next decade?

[via MacRumors]

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NYT: Steve Jobs "Extremely Happy" with iTablet, Surprising Interaction Method?

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and I wonder what the " interactions " on the tablet would mean for the iPhone/iPodT and also Macs. The iPhone influence some of the Mac OS X interface and the Magic Mouse. Hmm.

Apple's been very quiet lately...and usually when that happens, they're working on something BIG. If (and this is a big IF) Apple releases/announces a iTablet in January, I'll be very excited to see where they go with this. I imagine they'd bring the media experience from the iPhone/touch to this tablet, with WiFi (perhaps even UMTS or EVDO) to the device. Wow, very excited about this one...

So where are all those posters who insisted this was a stupid Idea, and something Apple would NEVER release?
I predicted this would be a killer product, but the majority here were very negative.
Click this link, and re-check your own postings on this subject over the past 4 months: http://www.theiphoneblog.com/tag/itablet/
Bon Appetit!
There is an awfully lot of crow to be eaten come January.

Once again, I urge you to think positively about a 3.5 G and WiFi/wiMAX iTablet that can run iPhone apps & games, iChat, VoIP- like GoogleVoice and Skype, AND multitasking. Add an iLife Lite suite of apps built in and optional iWork and MobileMe (no hard disk, flash memory with OS in ROM) and a touchscreen version of SnowLeopard (why else do you think “honey, we shrank the OS?”) and you’ve got an evey-other-device killer!

No click-wheel for sure. Voice commands are practical, if not perfect. The new Dragon Dictation app for iPhone is super accurate. I'm sure those folks are merely previewing much more interesting things to come by giving that app away free. Don't be too surprised if touch and real, no-contact gestures, read by the front-facing iChat camera, might also play a part in interacting with an iTablet device... He who guesses best gets the last laugh! Anyone else out there thinking outside the screen?

As long as it's a computer in it's own right, not just a "device" that relies on regular syncs to a desktop/laptop.
ie... Can I sync my iPhone to it, or is it just a bigger iPhone with a few new features - but still reliant on my MacBook.

Frog, et al.
It is a computer that will sync your iPhone to IT.
Battery (like MacBook Pros) will be a sealed, 3-5 yr battery, but will power the iTablet (no moving parts, more efficient radios, smaller screen than a MacBook Pro (LED or OLED) for up to 12 hrs.
Price point? Guess! $800.-$1,000, subsidized by carriers (DATA plan carriers, that is, 3G, etc.) up to $200 with contract, ADD AppleCare at $300 and you've got the hottest thing at a price positioned to lift you right to the statosphere. (It may cost Apple up to $450 to manufacture at first.
Oh, and syncing will at last be wireless, with a password, and an Apple iTunes-iTablet ID. of
course. Can I take anyone's order right now?

I just don't see the need for an itablet. I run a big company from my iPhone. I have over 400 apps and I rarely use a computer at all. I use Quickoffice and Documents to go for my office work, I would rather email on my iPhone than my laptop, I use Microsoft exchange to it's extreme on my iPhone, and I can keep a close look at stocks, see what the weather will be like, kill time waiting for meetings with one of the many games that I have, and the list keeps going and going. Now if the itablet is the full OS and wows me as much as the iPhone did, (and still does), then maybe I'll buy one. I sure can't wait to see the keynote. Thanks Rene for all your hard work in keeping us informed. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Unless this iTablet comes with a fully-featured running version of OSX like you see on the MacBook, I don't see the use of it. If I want a big screen computing device, I'll goto my notebook.

The iTablet is going to be the perfect size. Unlike the awkward Kindle, the layout will be brilliantly thought out - beautiful & easy to use. I dream about these life-changing devices...'wouldn't it be nice if it were possible to _____', & Steve Jobs keeps managing to take my 'how-on-earth', pie-in-the-sky' dreams & release a superior product that directly enhances quality of life. I absolutely have a need for a device like I'm dreaming iTablet will be. A handheld not as tiny as my iPhone (take with me everywhere, can use sitting, standing, walking - wherever) or as large as my beautiful MacBook pro (requiring I'm seated or have a
table). Thank you, thank you Steve Jobs. Ah the anticipation! How do I become a beta tester for iTablet? I am ready!

The only 'regular' poster I really recall saying that "it wouldn't be released" was Truth. Most of the other dismissers (including myself) simply said that they "wouldn't buy one" if it didn't offer anything more than the iPhone, and that it would have to be something much more. So far, only a month away, there are no rumors of it being much more.
So... no crow (or iTablet in this rumored form) for me, thanks. ;)

And just to add to my previous comment...
If Steve Jobs is, indeed, "extremely happy" with it, as the quote above states, then I'm betting there's a lot we don't yet know about this thing.

I just don't see a need for it. A high rez iphone? Now we're talking.
Other than that, gimme a small powerful laptop.
Now, that all said? I'll probably still drool over it and wonder in the back of my mind when the best time to buy it will be. I'm thinking birthday present for wife. She can't give me grief and i get to play with it.

For those complaing about battery life, please get the original mophie battery pack. It fits to your iPhone like a protector and more than doubles battery life making thenuaer experience far better.
The iPhone can not prperly replace my laptop because it is far too small. The itablet will be a pefect middle ground giving me the connectivity of my iPhone with the option of a larger interface. With a larger size, it should also mean far larger battery with a form factor that is till easy to carry in a smart bag. The laptop is an imperfect mobility solution. Whoo-woo!

I used to be excited about an Apple Tablet. I would love to see a 10" multi-touchscreen interface, apps, games, etc.
However, I've become increasingly skeptical in light of the excitement regarding print media and TV shows. Specifically, I don't understand how a $1000 device makes print media content suddenly viable. Maybe the Tablet is just a catalyst, but if people are going to pay for print media content access on a computer device, shouldn't that model be able to exist now, on computers?
Anyway, I was never skeptical about the prospect of Apple making a phone, and I have no doubt that the Tablet will be a great product. But I don't see how Apple can make a tablet a must-have device like a cell phone, or how a $1000 device is going to "save" print media, etc., as the rumors keep suggesting. (Naturally, print media is hoping the Tablet will save print media, which is probably the biggest source of my skepticism.)

I love my iPhone GS (my third btw) but can't wait for the tablet. Can't wait to read magazine content, newspapers, and stream content to the bigger screen.