Official: Apple Event Jan. 27 -- "Come see our latest creation"


Apple has gone and made it official -- "Come see our latest creation" and it's on for January 27, 2010.

iTablet, iPhone 4.0, iPhone HD... or something completely different like iLife '10? Any guesses as to what we'll see?

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[via Engadget]

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Rene Ritchie

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Official: Apple Event Jan. 27 -- "Come see our latest creation"


I don't why but the paint in the image makes me think of a canvas "tablet" on an easel...

Anyone who mentions a physical keyboard on an iPhone enthusiast website is either delusional or trolling...

I'm going with a new iPhone and iPod touch. Those are big money makers in need of some upgrades. I'm holding on to my upgrades in hopes that when the new model comes out in June I can get one at the discounted rate... Or two.

I'm guessing apple will begin talkin about their app and itunes stores sales profit as always
then a new line of software of iLife probably
new iphone
and the tablet

Too bad I'm broke, I really hope this is <$500 as well. Anything more expensive than that is encroaching on an entry-level MacBook.

I have no idea. But iPhone/iTouch upgrades are not 'new creations.' So I have to assume it is a new consumer electronic device. I am sure it's not a netbook. All signs point to the 'tablet' - but Apple won't call it that, and one way or another, it won't be like whatever we're guessing. If I'm wrong and I'm not completely surprised, I may actually be disappointed - until I think about whatever it really turns out to be. The paint-splash invitation means nothing and probably iseant toean nothing (like the Golden Gate Bridge for the Macbook Air).

1) Will they release the 4.0 OS?
2) I'm a developer, and I will be in San Fran next week, how can I go? Is it possible for me to attend? When I call Apple, they have no idea what I'm talking about.

One thing about the graphic, tho - the Apple logo is in the middle of a big, round 'orange' - you don't think they're introducing the 'Valencia' or the 'Clementine' or something like that, do you? 'Apples to oranges' signalling a completely new paradigm? Probably I've just been thinking about this too long.

I still think if the iPhone has anything to do with this announcement, it will be minor. They may release 3.2 but I think it will be the first thing they announce and by far the least important. I'm certain that we will see this tablet, this announcement is lining up with all of the 1/27 tablet rumors but I think we will have to wait a little while to actually be able to purchase it.

i sgree. a hard qwerty should never come to the iphone. it would be useless when the iphone keyboard is much better than most hard keyboards. This coming from an android fan but an iphone realist

Honestly they could have put out 3.2 if it was just bug fixes. We have been with a software update for like 6 months. I think we gonna get something major for the iPhone OS at this event. At least I hope so.

For me, 'creation' means a brand new product not an update of an existing product.
Therefore unless it is a MAJOR overhaul of the iPhone - which I am sceptical of because of the problems that brings for current apps- I think that it must be the iTablet!! Brilliant...

My source tells me they will introduce the new igetalife. Seriously ppl are over analyzing everything.

I think the key fact is that they're going to add some kind of pressure level sensivity to whatever device they come up with, plus the ability to ignore extra touches when using a special stylus.
Also, they'll come up with a bunch of ready made applications to re-interpret what we think is dealing with a computer today, just with the combination of already known tools with the 'new' (apple's 'new' things tend to be 'old' things re-interpreted with a twist) input methods.

I'm expecting an iTablet, something that has to do with iPhone, iLife '10, iWork '10, and I'm hoping for Aperture 3. I'm stuck with Lightroom CS5 at the moment and it's a lot harder to use than Aperture, but it has more features.

@ Rene Ritchie. do you believe the rumor engadget states that maybe the iTablet may be directed to the arts, movie making and media? could this be something apple may do?

iPhone OS 4.0, iLife and iWork 10, aperture 3, general talking up the AppStore and all that jazz.
Oh yeah, "one more thing" the tablet.

Oh my Gah, the day has(will) finally come, that it's going to be announced, no need to use the words mythical itablet behind each other anymore

Oh yeah frgot, updated MacBook air and pro lines, and they will also talk about the faster AppStore approval process. For sure. =]

•iPhone 4.0 Preview (which would explain the lack of OS 3.2)
•iPhone 4G Preview (unveiling of an AT&T 4G Network?)
•iSlate Tablet Computer
•iPod Touch with a Camera (many speculate that this will simply be a modified version of the G3)

Apple tv 3.0! Jk jk. Most likely itablet. Hopefully some iPhone related news as well(besides how many apps there are and downloads)

the "latest creation" obviously means something new is coming from Apple. Whether it may be a new OS, major iLife upgrade or even a new product such as iTablet, it sure seems this event could be the talk for atleast a week after it happens, let alone all the rumors being acctive for these weeks before the event. I sure do believe a new product will come out, like "iTablet" but, I'm sure they won't be refreshing their music and mobile products. Maybe an OS update and preview, but no iPhone or iPod upgrade and new model. All those cycles happen in the summer and september, let alone, those cycles have never changed. (P.s. I still don't think Verizon & OLED screens will appear in any product this year. I hope not, either.)

Let See iLife 2010.
I remember when every keynote everybody thought that apple was going to announce an iPod widescreen forever and not till like a year later they did. Let see if the tablet pans out like this.
BTW I see 4.0 going to the DEVS sooner than later and consumers in Summer.

It better not be a new iPhone. I just upgraded to 3GS under a month ago... If it is new iPhone than i hope it will just be an announcement/preview for it coming out in June/July.
I really think its gonna be a iPhone 4.0 announcement with beta to devs, a totally redesigned OS that will be able to work on iPhone iTouch and the new iDevice.

Remember the itablet is based off of the iPhone OS. So whatever is in this Tablet I pretty strongly believe will be running in the iPhone. I don't think we will get 4.0 but damn near close.

Maybe there will also be an updated apple tv with subscription tv service that also works with the itablet. I'm so excited to see how all of these products finally pull together. =]

Judging by the design of the invitation, I predict that Apple will be unveiling its first ever paintball gun. With wi-fi.

Itablet, maybe 4.0. It will be running the iPhone OS hence why we havnt seen any updates because it would give away the revamp for itablet. Apple has had 3 years of R&D time to work on the next big thing. It better deliver.
Has anyone seen the ripped off item from China that looks like some of the itablet concepts? do a search on eBay for tablets.