Patent Watch: Apple's 3D Multi-Touch... er... Skin?

Apple has had more success than anyone marketing multi-touch as of late -- we give you, the iPhone. But how far can even Apple push this technology? Right to the line? Past the line? Apple Insider sheds light on a new patent application that might just be way over the line:

portable multi-touch skins that can be wrapped around three-dimensional objects such as an iPod or steering wheel to provide addition GUI interfaces for those objects that can be configured via the touch skins themselves.

Too. Many. Jokes. Flooding. Blogsphere.

Apple envisions people using them to control music on steering wheels, or on tennis rackets for instruction. We'll let you entertain yourselves with your own predictions, b'okay?

Rene Ritchie

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The Reptile says:

Wow, does this mean what I think it does? People can combine two of their favorite things the iPhone and ...

Steve says:

It looks like the illustrator was touching something while he was trying to draw these. :roll:

infoliberation says:

I've been using my Multi- touch since I was a teenager(although less and less as I get older) now they are gonna patent it? That's just wrong I say. Shame on you Mr. Jobs. Although... if I can control Itunes and or my iPhone at the same time.. I'll buy that, good show Mr. Jobs, good show. Is it self-cleaning?