Daily Tip: How to personalize your new iPhone or iPad to make it your own

iPhone Home Screen

New to iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and curious how to set up a new ringtone, change a wallpaper, or arrange your app icons and folders, and otherwise personalize it and make it your own? Luckily these tasks can be completed quite simply, so let's take a look at how they are done.

While this only covers some of the basics, it gives you a way to personalize your device and begin the process of making it your very own. Be sure to hop into the forums and show off your screen arrangements with us as well!

Jared DiPane

Jared is based in the US and writes for CrackBerry.com, Android Central, and TiPb. When not being a geek on his phone he loves to fish -- especially deep-sea fishing,

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There are 7 comments. Add yours.

Flo says:

Where do I get the wallpaper with that Steve Jobs signature?

fcs132 says:

Hey can I get a download link for that wallpaper?

Momoftwo says:

Where can I get that wallpaper editor, it's really nice and I would like to have it. : )

Josh says:

I just found it on the Retina Wallpapers HD app... Or you can just get it here http://bit.ly/pv2pwl

Flo says:

That's it! Thank you very much!

Philip says:

You can use any drawing app to generate a wallpaper with a signature. I used Skitch to sign my name and save it to my images. I then used the image to set it as my wallpaper.