pod2g posts more details on Corona untether

pod2g has updated his blog with more details on how the Corona untether actually works. If the deep inner workings of exploits such as this interest you, it's definitely something you'll want to check out.

Using a fuzzer, I found after some hours of work that there's a format string vulnerability in the racoon configuration parsing code! racoon is the IPsec IKE daemon (http://ipsec-tools.sourceforge.net/). It comes by default with iOS and is started when you setup an IPsec connection.

Now you got it, Corona is an anagram of racoon :-) .

Corona will untether all current A4 devices that were previously tethered under iOS 5.0.1. Still no more news on when a jailbreak will be available for A5 devices, namely the iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

Source: pod2g

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pod2g posts more details on Corona untether


Some of my apps don't seem to work with this new jailbreak tool. Anyone else having issues?

I notice many tweaks from modmyi take a long time to download. But usually work.
All the tweaks I want to work on the status bar (i.e. changing the 3g symbol and changing the signal bars) don't work