President Obama meeting with Steve Jobs

It looks like US President Barack Obama will be meeting with Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs today. Business Insider reports:

"President Obama is flying to the Bay Area from Seattle this afternoon. He's speaking at Google exec Marissa Mayer's house in Palo Alto this evening. Before that, says a source familiar with the details, he will have a one-on-one meeting with Steve Jobs."

We aren't exactly sure what they'll be discussing, but we have a sneaking suspicion that Obama might just have heard what Steve Jobs had to say on Apple's most recent conference call and is now rethinking the Blackberry device he's been using since he won the 2008 presidential election.

Perhaps The President will be reaching out to Jobs in order to see how viable the iPhone would be as an alternative -- and given the number of apps now available in the App Store for his consumption, we don't think it'll be a very challenging pitch for Steve Jobs to manage.

All joking aside, what do you think they'll be talking about during this one-on-one discussion? Let us know in the comments!

[Business Insider]

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Reader comments

President Obama meeting with Steve Jobs


The President is having trouble getting the app he submitted to be approved... Obamarama, so he's taking his gripe to the most powerful man in the world, Steve Jobs! The app is a political game where you flush other people's money down the toilet and then blame W.

President Obama is probably going to ask for Apple to donate some cash to help the economy, maybe get Mr. Jobs' opinion on helping the economy, or (and I'll join in all the fun) ask him to be the new vice president. Then, Steve Jobs will rename America iMerica "America... the right way."

jobs no doubt has a number of political opinions that would no doubt alienate people like Bored and iPhoneMilk if voiced publicly.
many of the areas that apple operates in have a political dimension as well. the current issues with china, its currency and the consequences to exports and imports are of great relevance to apple.
i'm sure obama would like to know job's opinion on that issue and i'm sure jobs would love to share it with obama.
of course, they shouldn't have to meet in person when they could just use FaceTime. seriously tho - just good PR - makes Jobs look powerful and makes Obama look engaged.

Haha. I"m interested to know what goes down, but the real fun and hilarity is in simply reading the comments. It can be pretty fun sometimes...

Cut to a few weeks later... Obama holds a press conference to unveil a new bill on tax reform stating, "It's going to be magical, and we think you're going to love it."

Obama's probably going to talk with Steve about making taxpayers pay for iPhone and iPads for the "less fortunate" so every welfare recepient can have one while he penalizes, once again, the ones who built this country, made it great and are more affluent than others. But I guess now it's wrong to have more than others so I guess Barrack "The Communist" Obama will be stealing from the rich and giving to the poor like Robin From The Hood! What an iPhoney!!!

George W: you are an Imbecile! Can you read? Get a history book...maybe there's an app for that. Some asylum mustve let the nuts out tonight.

The lure of the iPhone and all the goodies it promises has finally become too much. Goodbye Blackberry, hello Angry Birds: Inaugural Edition.

Who cares? Let's talk about actual Apple news here. No on cares that the worst president ever will be spending more money on a new phone instead of fixing this damn country!

To ALL you haters of PRESIDENT OBAMA: love or not...he is STILL THE PRESIDENT of these United States! Muah! it! Get back into your trailers and go suck on your snuff!

Oh, and as to the question in the article, the meeting is probably organ donation related. Here's hoping Steve donates Obama a pair of balls so he can drop the hammer on the rampant anti-intellectualism that is destroying our country. (See George W.)

@iRoo: what do you mean, >avoid<? When the Top Politician of a country pays a visit to anyone, that's all it's gonna be!!

shelly, you are asleep, down with sheeple! there's really no reason celeb boy should be doing most of what he does, but when your a wall street muppet, you follow the money! g.w. you're otay in my book!

That was freakin hilarious! LOL! Obama is going to endorse the iPhone and all obama's fans will run out and get one. Apple is slowly reaching world domination!

Obama needed advice in areas of Job's expertise:
- After you're ousted as President, how do you stage a comeback
- How can you recover from economic disaster and grow to rule the world
- Have you got an inside track on brain transplants for my staff?
- Do you think Al wants his VP gig back?
- How I score a Verizon iPhone – my RIM sucks.

Now to think of it maybe Osama (pun intended) is going to take some pointers from Steve on how to run a company, in this case our country. Steve can certainly run a company lol. Maybe they'll make the iPresident or something that can actually run a nation instead of driving a further into our piling $14 trillion debt.

I like to think that the President is talking Steve Jobs to leave a portion of the manufacturing of Macs and iPhones on U.S. soil instead of completely outsourcing everything in China, not at once but over the long term which is good for America.

Will because he is on Verizon maybe is wants to when he can upgrade and I think he said that he was think of switching to the iPhone so it is possible and funny to think about it. A test to see how squire the network is or something.

Steve has made things work the last 3 years as the country tanked. Obama is the smartest person to EVER enter the white house. Jobs is genius. Only good can come from this.

Apple is becoming one of the major economic factor in US. Magnet of money which can attract money from all the economies in the world. Mr. Obama may have seen the traffic around the newly opened Apple store in China.

Being from Northern Virginia, I meet a lot of people that work in and near the White House. I met a Marine that works security in the WH. He informed me Obama's Blackberry is a "PR stunt" and the Blackerry is a "non-active unit".
So, yup. Everything the President does, electronic communication wise, is of public record.

@ArGiEs In that I didn't want to bring in the fact that Jobs has made multiple underlying democratic donations in large amounts over the past 10 years, and spin the story mainly off of that instead of the iPhone/Blackberry angle (since Jobs will most likely be speaking with Obama about such topics, not limited to only the state of the US economy etc.. (I'm a republican, lol -- I've already said too much). However, apparently either way you slice it the conversation topics here have generated continual interchange based on the interest of said political discussions.

Isn't great that in this country we are free to be cynical? Not one person that posted on this site, myself included, would have the capability of running a major corporation, let alone an entire country. Maybe I am "old school" but it wasn't such a long time ago that we showed respect to the person in the high office...respect for at least having the courage to try, right or wrong, effective or not. The job is not easy, especially with all the critics that seem to think they could do better.
We have the luxury of owning expensive mobile devices and complain about them while there are so many others that are fighting for an education, a secure home and basic freedoms. I just don't get the snarky comments. But, I guess that's the shady side of patriotism; excercising our right to speak our minds, no matter how assinine.
As to the topic, perhaps a discussion will commence concerning the tech initiative; improve schools, hospitals, government offices, etc. Or maybe the President is just showing gratitude for the efforts Mr. Jobs has made regarding organ donorship? Maybe the President simply wants to share how successful his campaign app is. Who knows?

@ tax bill will be magical....LOVE It I am still laughing...if Obama did go to iPhone after this there would be hell to pay for him...Would love to see it though...

Meeting with the president and need to think of one thing to congratulate him on??? You guessed it THERS AN APP FOR THAT!!!!

OK, I wonder how Juan Williams feel sitting in Air Force One with Barry. Especially if Barry wa wearing his Kenyan garb.
PS: I have some other good APPS from aneesoft want to recommend. Maybe someone will like it.

Obama thinks he has a messenging problem And apple is the best marketing company in the world. Problem is, apple makes great products. The presidents policys are crap.

thats weird why would B(l)ackberry be a PR stunt? It is afetrall a Canadian product right?
Anyway I guess Obama wants to know when the Skynet will be up and running.

American politics makes me giggle. In Europe, Australia - pretty much anywhere but America, Obama would be regarded as quite right wing ; but in America you all make out like he's some rabid left wing communist ... lol

Barrack Osama is leading this country down a long "dark" road that it will take decades to recover from. The "Fearless Leader" has about as much experience with political leadership as the average American. Never did I imagine that equal rights and racial quotas would apply to the presidential office, but here we are! It's like a bad Reality Show where the duped American public merely voted for the most popular candidate because he's "cool" and "hip", forget those silly things like "experience", "honor" and the most important part - "A Solid Plan"! No wonder he's meeting with Steve. Maybe he will start wearing Black turtlenecks as a metaphor for how he's choking this country!

I support President Obama and I love my iPhone. It's a good thing to have a president who is in touch with technology and reality unlike the pinhead who was in office before him.
And for all those who are complaining about Obama's policies being detrimental to our society - the facts just don't support your argument. The real insanity is how anyone could vote back into office the fools who supported Bush for 8 years. Real patriotism isn't about being bigoted and xenophobic.
I read Tipb daily, but this is my first posting. I'm just so tired of the Obama bashing.
I'm glad Steve Jobs cares more about progress in society than his reputation with those that disagree with Obama's policies.

He just want to make sure Apple will share all the information Apple earns from us is available to him and government. They already have Google answering them but now he has to make sure is on board too. They tried to outpace Apple for info gathering with Android but now they realize that Apple, Mac and iOS is here to stay so they have to get their claws into him.

Wow... and I thought this blog was about iOS related news, not politics. If I wanted biased political reporting I'd go turn on Fox News or MSNBC.

@GW just keep showing Americans how stupid you are with every word. People always talk about what Obama is spending. Nobody mentions that he does it because you killed hundreds of thousands of people including American Soldiers. Hell, you even gave out the first bailout yourself trying to fill that hole you left in our Great Nation. I don't like Obama either. But from what I can see he only took money to fix your stupidity. Maybe Obama needs Steve to tell him how to fix things your sh@t after idiots run it for a while. Steve has some experience in that area.

Unless they are contracting Apple to develop some kind devices for government/military use, he'd probably be going there to discuss net neutrality and get his backing for it.

I'm just kinda curious what the whole "Osama" comments are supposed to mean....on one end they sound as juvenile as saying "yo mama..." which is ok, but on the other end seem to display someones prejudice undertones....

Steve Jobs can create jobs for America and Obama has no idea how that's done. He is going to him for advise on how to create jobs.

Can someone please bitch slap George W? You realize that when Bush was voted in he had never even left Texas? God some people are complete f###### dummies.

@Gage. Worst president ever? Obama? Really? Have you ever heard of George Bush? Why is it that when people are upset about the job market an the economy they never blame the guy who put us here with his Fake WMDs? How much have we spent on killing people and stealing oil? But if you really had a brain you'd see that Bush and Obama get orders from the same people. Don't they at least require a 6th grade on the "Dark Side" Gage? You and GW should stop watching Fox News. Hate is a disease.

Hey Obama haters!
Go back to your Android and Blackberry boards. Nobody cares what you think here!

Jeff Higgins - GW went to Yale. Last I checked that was in Connecticut. On the East Coast - i.e not in Texas. To spell it out for you, obviously he had left Texas prior ro being voted in. So who's the dummy now???? I'm not a GW fan at all. But at least get your facts straight before you call others out.

I love the teabaggers that only remember the last 18 months. Who conveniently forget that this is all due to George Bush's poor leadership.
If Bush was still in the White House or even worse John McCain/Sarah Palin the country would have 25 percent unemployment and riots in the street.

May be he wants an iPad 2Gen before they come out. Steve, does not make a difference what you may think about the president, put a tie on, and wear a sport coat. You can keep the jeans.

Obama: Jobs, you will personally finance my re-election campaign or I'll tax your company into bankruptcy. Capish?

@THENAIL Obama has approximately a 144 IQ. I possess a 162, and I have been in the White House numerous times. Your comment is now mute.

I honestly hate politics amongst people. It takes a while to clean up an 8 year mess. I just say be patient. 2 years and it has been crazy amongst people. Great things are being done and other great things are getting done in the future. As far as taxes going up i honestly see no choice but for them to go up. Government as a whole need to reform the tax system so all parts of society can't cheat. It is a big problem. It is not stable or organized. I just say patience is the key.