Quick App: Resco Bubbles

I'm usually not a fan of games like Resco Bubbles, but I have to admit that this one is pretty addictive. The premise is simple:


blockquote>Resco Bubbles for iPhone/iPod Touch is an action puzzle game where the idea is to clear the grid of bubbles in order to advance to the next level. You are given a sequence of bubbles, which should be quickly and efficiently popped. Numerous explosive, speed-up, slow-down and damage bubbles keep the game play exciting and challenging.

You can now purchase the full version of Resco Bubbles in the App Store for $1.99 or you can give it a try for free simply by downloading the lite version.

[Thanks to Hobbes for the tip!]

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Reader comments

Quick App: Resco Bubbles


How is it that new programs show up on the blog(thanks for that) before they appear in any oh the Apps store menus?

At the time this was posted it was indeed available on iTunes. For some reason at time the app store seems to lag with newly released apps.