Samsung concession store using Apple’s icons on its display wall

Samsung, who is currently embroiled in a patent war with Apple, looks to have scored a particular nasty own goal -- using icons which clearly belong to Apple in its advertising. The wall in the picture was taken in a concession store in Italy’s Centro Sicilia.

A concession store is basically a store within another store run by a separate retailer. In this one, the wall of apps clearly shows iOS icons for mobile Safari and the App Store. The icons are repeated across the wall at least three times. A strange one when you consider the shenanigans going on behind the scenes between these two companies. The last thing you would want is an embarrassing mistake like this to sway opinion.

It will be interesting to see if Samsung decides to make any comment on the picture. I am sure there is a totally reasonable explanation for the mistake; because Samsung does claim to have a commitment to innovation and distinctive design!



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Samsung concession store using Apple’s icons on its display wall


Wrong, its not the mobile icon for iOS Safari, it is the Icon for Desktop Safari.
This was reported ages ago on AppleInsider.

Really? Ages ago? So how do you explain the store coming across a Google+ icon "ages" before the announcement of the service...?
Just wondering...

Please don't be a website whistle blower! We don't need to know that AppleInsider had this story up already. Most blogs do article aggregations. Not every story is original. Some get retold by another blog, and are sourced out within it. If you didn't notice, AppleInsider—who posted this on Friday, not ages ago—also aggregated the story from AllThingsD, just as TiPb did.

No way to explain this one Chris but it is a marketing goof at best...we've seen this before from people photoshop'ing the wrong OS on new phones, etc. It relates not to their stance on innovation.

Marketing goof? No, it's copying, and it's Samsung's business. It's the cheapest way to build a successful product, to copy another successful product. And nobody is better at it than Samsung.

We're talking about icons here. Icons. If they were on a phone representing the browser, etc...I'd agree but they are on a wall which most consumers won't recognize.

I agree. It probably has nothing to do with their stance on innovation. Of course they probably don't have a stance on innovation if it's a Wacksung spot! LOL! What have they pioneered in the cellphone industry?! They take orders to build other people's ideas and then they steal! LOL!

Well if thats the case y is that apple needs of samsung to build theirs phones and tablets aka ARM processors, and their screens.

If Samsung does something stupid like releasing a mobile device with a casing made almost entirely of glass, then we'll know they're stealing "other's" ideas...

This is the last straw, I'm throwing out all my Samsung gadgets as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just as I'm sure there is perfectly reasonable explanation for Apple's Photo Shopping of phone designs to , shall we say, sway a court's opinion?

idk if anybody could tell, but there is another Safari icon..
if you look at the 1st (all the way to the left, almost last-bottom) App Store icon, then you see Shazam to the right of it, then you see this other weird icon, then next to that you see like half an icon, which seems to look like half of a Safari icon! anyone else notice it?
Sammy's these days.. so so shady -__-

As I posted on AllthingsD:
Quote from the 'offending store':
Hello everyone,
For completeness we note that the entire wall section of the phone shop (shop in shop and the Samsung is only a part) is covered by Android app icons and IOS, which form the decoration department.
In any case "offending" was removed from that section of the store to avoid giving rise to further speculation.
Euronics Italy
Translation: 'These icons cover all the walls of the phone store, and Samsung only has a small section within the entire store. We've since removed those icons from that section of the store to not confuse our customers.'
So.. much as many of the larger box stores here in the US, there are multiple 'sections' for different vendors... and those vendors are allowed to send promotional material to the stores, even their own salesreps, to make the area they're in 'their own'. In fact, if you notice, Samsung has built a wall for their own products to help differentiate their area from the rest of the store. (Take a straightedge, and you'll see the lines on the 2 walls don't match up) There is no 'theft' here, it's simply an innocent misplacement of where their 'store' was placed. If the entire store was covered in that 'wallpaper', so to speak, it wouldn't have mattered where they placed their wall at.. it would have still had those icons in the background. The store owner (not Samsung, regardless of WHAT some of you seem to think) identified that problem, and removed those icons from around the Samsung display.
Everyone needs to do their due diligence when researching an 'issue', instead of jumping to conclusions.

Doh! Facepalm, tipb version. Lol. Retraction, anyone?
I did call it in my other comment: marketing goof. This is more of a cleverly snapped shot plus a marketing goof, by the store not Samsung.
I did wonder about Samsung having their own stores too.

Based on some of the discussions I've seen regarding the whole Samsung vs Apple debates on the net... offense seems to be given when it comes to 'fanboys' arguing. I find myself wondering what the hell is wrong with people when I see people calling names and telling people they need to die in horrendous ways, just because someone's ideal device doesn't match up with another's. (and to quell any backlash before it happens: 1.) I own an Android and iOS device. Love them both. 2.) I own nothing by Samsung, in fact I'm not a huge fan of their designs.)