US Samsung Galaxy S II Android invasion begins [Competition]

Phil from Android Central went and got his geeky little hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S II phones set to hit US carriers soon -- and come this fall go up against iPhone 5. And... they're big. Up to 4.52-inches of big. So big I'm wondering why Samsung didn't just simplify their branding and call them Galaxy Tab 4.5. (Maybe because Spring Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch just rolls off the tongue so much more easily?)

They're super-powerful, with a new Samsung Exynos 1.2GHz dual core processor, super-shiny with Super AMOLED Plus displays, and super thinner than thin, thin. And yes, they've got the iOS-inspired TouchWiz UI on top of Gingerbread, so Apple's lawyers won't be going hungry any time soon.

Verizon might be getting an LTE Galaxy S II variant at some point as well.

Check out the video up top, and the rest of the coverage via the links above, and then come back and let me know -- anyone think Samsung has a shot at outselling iPhone 5 this holiday quarter?

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US Samsung Galaxy S II Android invasion begins [Competition]


Booooo!!!! It's still Android! All I want from that device is the bigger screen and higher resolution cameras! You can keep the OS though!

4.5 inches! That's a mammoth phone! Although I wish iPhones would at least embrace 4 inches. That feels about right. Anything bigger is just doing too much to me, but Galaxy phones are filling a niche.

Seriously, 4" is the sweet spot for me (giggity). Any bigger than that and once you put a case on it (not optional for me), it is really cumbersome in the pocket. People seem to like the bigger screens, though... when the EVO 4G came out, I wondered who'd ever want a tank like that, but look how well that line has done.

Watch out, behind all the eye-candy is a battery that doesn't even last a full day. My Galaxy S II is completely done before dinner. Some days by 1:30pm in the afternoon! I've gone back to using my iPhone 4 full-time simply because I can count on it. With the Galaxy S II, it was all about doing less with the phone and managing my battery usage.

The battery is the same and 3 months is ages as far as mobiles go, this device has a shelf life of 12 months before it gets replaced so a quarter of it gone already, i'd say that is quite a while !! .. Whatever, the phone sucks, internally it might be good but it's huge and packaged in a cheap, flimsy package, much like every Android device tbh. Aesthetics isn't currnetly high enough on other manufacturers priorities and it should be ... I think you can guess which manufacturer does consider looks and build quality important, the most popular 1, considering they currently have 2 popular models available, compared to the dozens of Android devices that all look and feel the same.

no it's about managing background apps. which you aren't doing. If I can push an LTE thunderbolt for a full day, you can get a gsii going for more.

LOL, the infuse has a super AMOLED display as well, just a tad bigger "this blows that old screen away." ... He doesn't know what he is talking about.

Infuse is Super AMOLED and Galaxy S2 is Super AMOLED+....there are more subpixels on the S2 vs the Infuse. iMorons....

hey remember when you guys first got copy and paste lol that was hilarious, you guys were so happy when everyone already had that feature for 6 years already

lol. I did have an iPhone back then and it was completely lame that it took so long. The worst was their excuse of "we wanted to do it right." :-D haha. #iterativeapproach

The iphone screen is too small...4.0 - 4.2 is a better size....hopefully Apple updates this with the iphone 5

First off whats an Equinox processor...its Exynos...Android fanboys with no roll on the tongue, sheeesshh. Second its a fast and slick but the scrolling doesnt seem any faster than an ip4's. Opening apps and downloading maybe so. And last 4.5 inches is too big for many and i think if Apple made a phone that big they could easily slim it down that thin with all the extra volume inside...just some thoughts.

hey gay boy stop talking about iphone being the shit, it looks like at any time when you deposit a quarter you will get candy out of it. that screen is for a baby with small hands and fingers

Remember a time when everyone thought "4.0 and above are too big"? And now most of you are wishing for a bigger iPhone screen? Oh, what tangled webs we weave.
Haha. JK. No, I'm not.
Galaxy S2 is amazing. If anybody denies, they're morons. And iPhone 5 better be just as capable.

hahah damn android is way better then iphone. you shouldnt even have posted this because now everyone will know what is really out there

Here is the thing guys, Look at the specs, Android has been killing iphone for the longest and test after test show that android phones are way better , especially when iphone is sticking with their 3g design phone for the iphone 5 they have so much competition going against 4g phones. "Even My Sis Shitty boost mobile phone has apps"

touchwiz is gay, sense is gay, the best is adw. who cares about perfectly square icons and this dock you cant customized. thats why androids are much better because they can customize everything

lol @ ADW being the best. I never could bring myself to use it but I've heard great things about it.
Please calm down on the gay stuff though. Don't want to offend anyone.

Hide them from Facebook [ and Google + [ and...[GASP]...blogs who've been using tags forever!
My bad iWebDroidBerry7, I didn't realize Twitter invented the hash symbol, paired it with a new phenomenon called tags, and invented the word hashtag. Good stuff though.
yesImbeingfacetiousforthesakeofreturningyourlamehashtagcomment :-D