Upcoming, unauthorized Apple book speculates that Scott Forstall is next in line as Apple CEO

A forthcoming book, Inside Apple, suggests that the current Senior VP of iOS software Scott Forstall is likely to follow Tim Cook as Apple's CEO. Described previously as a "mini-Steve",  Forstall apparently shares the late Apple co-founder's attention to detail, exacting standards, and ambition.

Shortly before Jobs' passing, COO Tim Cook has been holding the reins of the company, but over the long term, it's arguable that Apple could turn to someone with a combination of technical and presentation skills. Of course, Cook will need a pretty good reason to step down from his spot as CEO to make way for Forstall; if Cook is even half as passionate about Apple as Jobs was, and it took cancer to remove Steve out of the company, Forstall may have a long wait ahead of him.

Source: Fortune

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Reader comments

Upcoming, unauthorized Apple book speculates that Scott Forstall is next in line as Apple CEO


I don't think Jony Ive should be a CEO. He needs to stay in the labs designed beautiful products, not dealing with the stuff a CEO needs to do.

I agree. I've always seen Jony as Steve's Merlin. Simply put, I feel Jony is irreplaceable. I can see someone replacing Forstall as VP of software. I cannot see someone replacing Jony as VP of Design.

I trully believe that Jhonny should be next CEO, when you see how he talks about details, you see how passionate he is.
Actually in Steve's Biography he refered as said that he has arranged Apple so that nowone gives orders to Ive, but him.
I agree that Scott could do a great job. But I would bet on Ive.
About Cook, I think that he would get back to his previous position. And I believe that is likely to happen soon.
Vicente CamposConferencista

I agree that Cook doesn't seem to be the best CEO choice for Apple right now. He's too much of a "corporate guy". He's not the kind of guy to tell someone to shove it when they do something wrong and put their foot down and stick to their beliefs when something comes up. Jobs was and that is what set him apart from everyone else. He wasn't afraid to be unethical when it came to business practices that he didn't agree with. The fact that he was so passionate about going the extra mile no matter what when he wanted to get his way is what made him and his company into what it was at the time of his passing. Prior to that, Apple was almost run into the ground because all the executives were trying to please everyone and always wanted to do the ethical thing when it came down to business. Sure, I can appreciate someone saying that a business should do something that's best for everyone, but not when it can hurt your company in the long run. You cannot be a leader if all you do is follow everyone else's guidelines. This is why Steve Jobs stood separate from everyone else. He wasn't scared to tell Adobe to shove it with their Flash platform and basically force everyone to follow the HTML5 route... and guess what's happening... everyone is doing just that now a year or so later. I just don't see Cook as having the balls to behave this way. He's too much of a PR corporate monkey to move like this. Apple needs the next Steve before it gets too late... and Cook is not that person.

Yes, Forstall is very much like Steve, I think he would be a great CEO. Actually, he doesn't even have to be CEO, I just want him (or Phil Schiller) to present the keynotes, because Tim's keynote was so boring!

He'll be the perfect choice for CEO. He's brilliant, and has the same love for the products as did Steve. Plus, his stage presence is great. Not boring like Tim Cook and everyone else.

"it’s easy to imagine Apple needing someone with a bit more stage presence"
Stage presence? As a necessary skill set to be an effective CEO? I think the writer is confusing marketing with management skills.
First, Jobs' skills as a cheerleader should be considered apart from running a company. He was a very rare double/triple/quadruple threat in that way, and he did both to an extremely high level. It would probably be foolish to insist a replacement be able to do both to that level.
Besides, I think Apple already realizes that they need to to tone down the showmanship/expectations that come with keynotes, that whole get up on a stage and wow the crowd thing can't last forever, and anybody who thinks about it for more than 30 seconds should realize it. The key is to stop doing it before it's lame. Invent the NEXT way to engage your audience before it falls flat.

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