Send in the Clones: Meizu M8 Demo Edition

By now I'm sure you are all tired of seeing other companies try to follow in the footsteps of Apple's success. Well Meizu has been working on the M8, eh... ok it's a iClone, for some time now. The following video was posted by the founder of Meizu, J. Wong, showing it off running a highly customized version of Windows Embedded CE 6.0 (the underlying core beneath Windows Mobile 7.)

Still with no firm release date, it does sport a 3 megapixel camera along with 8 gigs of storage. I suppose it does not look too bad for a WinCE device. Does this peak anyone's interest or are we all sick of these clones?


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Send in the Clones: Meizu M8 Demo Edition


This phone actually looks way too much like the iPhone. I know there are other clones out there, but this one just looks too similar. I am actually kind of mad.

Um, the word you're looking for is "pique", as in "pique your interest". [/grammar-Nazi]. Sorry. Couldn't help myself.

it does suck that there's a bunch of clones. But you kind of have to look at it this way..iPhone broke through some grounds so you're going to see a lot of the same concepts going around years from now. Just like we still use OS like windows. And if you think about it, it's kind of cool cuz that only helps us progress from here like the clones and gives you an idea of where we'll be heading. As far as the lawsuit..unless the m8 is using the exact same OS and/or icons, browsers, etc., it'll be hard for apple to sue. I don't know, I just don't see it as that big of a deal.