More signs of next-generation iPhone, iPod touch, iPad!

One of BGR's connects dug around in the iPad file system and once again found confirmation of what we all pretty much take for granted now -- 4th generation iPhone, 4th generation iPod touch, and even 2nd generation iPad models are coming our way!

As a reminder, Apple users a major,minor version number system. So iPhone 2G was 1,1, iPhone 3G was 1,2, and iPhone 3GS was 2,1. Big jumps equal big hardware (i.e. non-cosmetic) changes, and that looks like what we're getting:

  • iPhone 3,1
  • iPhone 3,2
  • iPhone 3,3

Why three new models for the 4th generation iPhone (not iPhone 4G)? We have no idea, but we'll guess GSM this summer, and could the others be Chinese CDMA, and maybe US CDMA (no Verizon rumors. Stop it!)

  • iPod 4,1

4th generation iPod touch, likely this September.

  • iProd 2,1

iPad was originally iProd 1,1 so it looks like Apple's already got the 2nd generation iPad in the labs for March 2011.

(What IFPGA is we still have no idea).

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Rene Ritchie

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More signs of next-generation iPhone, iPod touch, iPad!


Yay for a new iPhone! That's what I'm waiting for. A friend was visibly shocked today when I turned up without a iPad and I said that I couldn't justify getting one. As much as I like Shiny Things and as cool as the iPad seems, it doesn't allow me to do anything I can't do with my iPhone.
Having said that, my 3G seems slow these days (jealous of my wife's 3GS) so I'm hoping the new iPhone has a similar bump in speed and/or battery life as Apple managed to get out of the iPad. Hopefully it will be release around July when I can get a cheap(er) upgrade, although it wouldn't surprise me that with Apple's focus on the iPad over the last few months that the new hardware and OS is going to be a few months behind their previous schedule. For one thing they need to give developers a heads up for any major OS change and yet here we are in April and the iPad with OS 3.2 has only just been launched.

I love the ipad but can't one at the moment I just got myself a new iMac and I'm waiting for the iPhone 4th gen... So pleaseee reneee digggg on info about the new iPhone 2010 pleaseeeee lol

Has anyone else received a yearly upgrade price for new iPhones? I don't know why, but I have been eligible every year to get upgrade (discount) prices on new iPhones. In '07, I paid full price, then got $100 rebate from Apple. In '08, I upgraded to 3G and signed new 2-yr contract and got subsidized price. Then, in '09, got subsidized price again for 3GS. Just checked online at ATT and I am eligible for another upgrade 6/22/10. I get a new iPhone at reduced price every year and then eBay my old iPhone for basically the same price I pay for the new one.
Anyone else get this?

@jtz5: Are you on a higher contract or spend more than the basic monthly fee? We're on the cheapest family plan with AT&T and never go over our monthly minutes and only get the cheaper upgrades every 18 months.

I have family plan 1400 minutes with 2 additional lines. We also have the "Unity" plan because we have Uverse, but not sure that is what gets me the upgrade. I pay $150/month, approx for my ATT cell bill. With Uverse, our bill is $340/month.
We have 400 minutes/month in rollover that never gets used. For us, the next lower plan is 700 min/month and we lose "Unity" plan.

Unity plan gets us free minutes when we call any ATT landline. That, along with ATT cell to ATT cell, really saves us tons of minutes.
My wife is getting iPhone when new one comes out, so not looking forward to another $30/mo data plan.

the ipad does offer functionality well beyond the iPhone. Go use one for 5 minutes and you'll realize it's not an oversized iPhone which does it a great injustice.

Can't wait for iPhone's next update, I buy every iPhone on the day of launch and it has now come to feel like a second christmas to me, and it's getting closer.

FPGA stands for "Field Programmable Gate Array" so iFPGA is likely a firmware package for one or more hardware products. A FPGA is a chip that can be taught to implement different hardware functions at power up. Assuming ipad has an FPGA, this could allow it to support new IO standards in the future.