Siri assists 2-year-old dial for medical help

2-year-old uses Siri to dial for help when her mother suffered a medical emergency

2-year-old Eve from Montrose, Minnesota was aided by Apple's voice assistant Siri to dial for help when her mother had a medical emergency. Mother Liz Neaton has a nervous disorder that causes her to have fainting spells sometimes when she stands up. In her most recent fainting spell, her daughter took her iPhone, pushed and held the home button to call up Siri, who then assisted with the emergency call.

Liz had instructed Eve to use Siri if she has a fainting spell and Eve did just that with a simple action on the iPhone.

Just shows how important a simple and intuitive UI can be in emergency or tight situations.

Source: KSTP via @monkbent

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Siri assists 2-year-old dial for medical help


What a phenomenal story. Had it been an Android phone I don't know if it would have been the same result.

Google Now has been ALWAY capable to aid ... emergency or not ... Ads -> Purchase Anti-Fainting-Spell. Prescription is NOT required....Completely Legal and Safe!

Hmmmmmm..... I think everybody needs to know how to use Siri for just that situation. If mom had been sitting there with her iPhone that her daughter didn't know the password to and didn't know how to call up Siri, then she wouldn't be been able to get help for her mom

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That's not really true. Both iPhone's and Android phones can make emergency calls with a passcode. But it's still good to see she taught her daughter how to call for help in some way.

Read the source article. It features the 911 logs.
So no, she directly called for help. She or Siri whatever!

Fantastic. A 2-yo can do with an iPhone what I, an adult, cannot -- since I do not speak English. So much for that simple UI, LOL. Or maybe it is in fact simple, but only for the privileged. Luckily, there are also UI's that aim to be accessible for everyone. Google comes to mind. Microsoft comes to mind. Why does no fansite ever write about that simple advantage: "Android, the phone for everyone, not just Americans"? But in any case, should that company, by all logic, dominate the market, since very few phone buyers are actually Americans -- only a few hundred million. Wait, but so it does. Android owns over 80% of the markett, and is growing. What a brilliant allegory this 2-yo's case offers for why Apple is losing market share every day -- and why I am not planning an Apple repeat buy.

Try again. Siri supports 8 languages besides English. Google Now supports only 4 languages besides English. But there is hope. Google Voice Search supports dozens of languages so you will be happy to know that your international ad clock tracking is fully supported around the world. Good to see Google, another American company, has its global priorities aligned just for you.

Siri can call "Call Emergency services" or "Call Emergency" or just "Call 911" when phone is locked.

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Yes, feel good story, but Siri is still Beta. it would be horrifying for that child to hear "I'm really sorry about this but I cannot take any requests right now. Please try again later. "

Teach your kids 911 and show them how to dial from the lock screen.