Spawn of Rumor: Apple iSlate + Magic Mouse = Magic Slate?


Following up MacRumors discovery of the domain name yesterday, TechCrunch dug a little deeper and found more to support the iSlate guestimation, and now MacRumors is back again with another trademark -- Magic Slate.

Could Magic Slate be the Apple touchpad Daring Fireball thought would be released alongside the Magic Mouse last October? Or are they both just red-herring rumors, spreading blog frenzy along holiday cheer?

Either way, the idea of a multi-touch pad peripheral for Macs -- especially if it has a screen built-in, like the farthest-fetched rumors have suggested since back when the glass trackpad MacBooks were first introduced -- is compelling.

Of course, with the simple release of an app, Apple could make the iPhone or the iPod touch the ultimate Magic Slate (not to mention the iSlate/iTablet proper for large screen tracking).

Still, this is the story equivalent of unicorns mating with zebra. Str

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Rene Ritchie

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Spawn of Rumor: Apple iSlate + Magic Mouse = Magic Slate?


i don't know you guys, but the only thing i am waiting is the TABLEEEET!
I'm sure i'll be able to get it from as i did with my iphones

ISlate ? Magic Slate ? Magic No. The i the only thing that could be on multiple products.
How about The Apple Tablet ? aTab lol. Idk. Anything but Magic Slate lol. Or iSlate.

I don’t know you guys, but the only thing I am waiting is the TABLEEEET! I’m sure I’ll be able to get it from as I did with my iphones.

The Magic Mouse is bluetooth. I'm typing this on my little bluetooth keyboard. I will be very annoyed if they don't work with the iPad.

There may be perceptibly a bunch towards identify about this. I just feel you have made certain pleasant items throughout elements in addition.